Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Betty, Your Photo is Popular on the Net

Early in the morning, Jordan came over and informed Betty that her photo was on the Reddit Site as the "Front Page".  Betty asked what it meant, Jordan said it meant that the photo received the most popular vote for the day.

Later in the day, Michelle said that Betty's photo was on the Amazing Things page on Facebook and received hundreds of comments.   Betty asked whether it was the picture of her grooming Lilianna during a show at Watsonville.   Yes, it was.

Michelle and Betty have a photo taken with the popular photo. 


Friday, September 27, 2013

Kendall Visits Mom at Stockton

Kendall used to show American Fuzzy Lop, won youth BOB in the 2001 ARBA convention.   It has been a while since Kendall is a youth breeder, she has received her Master's degree in Agricultural Education and now a high school Ag teacher.   She comes to visit at Stockton, with her is the puppy that she is fostering, the puppy is looking for a permanent home.
Who is Kendall visiting?  Mom Carol G. of course.  Carol takes a break from judging and has a picture taken with Kendall.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Open Best In Show judging

In open show A, Judge Allan from Utah looks over the BOB rabbits on the table.  There are 40 breeds represented, the judging coops are overflowing to the side tables.   The Best In Show goes to a Dutch and the Reserve In Show goes to an English Angora.


In open show B, judge Cliff from Oregon examines the BOB rabbits.   Even it's getting quite late in the date, there are still 35+ rabbits on the table.  The Best In Show is an English Angora and the Reserve In Show is a Californian.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Angora Judging at Stockton

Judge Carol is evaluating the colored senior bucks in show A.

In show B, judge Melissa is picking the white senior doe winner, Casey takes down Melissa's comments.


Judge Allen is the judge for the NCAG specialty show.

For the complete list of Angora results, go to


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Youth Top Winners at Stockton

In show B Judge Melissa awards the Best In Show to a Havana shown by Kayalynn and Reserve In Show to a Californian shown by Doug.

Show A Best In Show winner is Brittney's Satin and Reserve In Show goes to Raymond's American Fuzzy Lop.   Photo not available. 



Monday, September 23, 2013

McKenzie Wins All Breed Best In Show in Show B at Stockton

Big Valley RA show has over 3000 entries, 350+ exhibitors and 42 breeds in the show.  In Show B, Betty's English Angora Chu's McKenzie wins all breed Best In Show.
This is McKenzie's 3rd all breed Best In Show in September.  


Judge Cliff, also the Dist. 1 ARBA director, awards the Best In Show to Betty's English Angora colored senior doe and the Reserve In Show goes to Patti's Californian.



Sunday, September 22, 2013

Casey's Charlanna Wins All Breed Reserve In Show in Show A and Specialty Best In Show at Stockton

Big Valley RA fall show is one of the biggest shows in the No. CA area.   There were over 3000 entries with 350+ exhibitors.

In show A, judge Allan from Utah awards the all breed Best In Show to Scott's black Dutch and Reserve In Show to Casey's tort doe Charlanna.


Charlanna also is awarded the NCAG specialty Best In Show by judge Allen.

English Angora is the big winner in the BVRA show, stay tuned for reports of more winning tomorrow.