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Friday, March 13, 2009

Birds Are Desirable In Golf

Getting a "birdie" in golf means one stroke under par in playing a single hole, a good sign.

Getting two birdies will be even better, it means two strokes under par in playing two holes.

Getting an "eagle" means two strokes under par in playing one hole, even better than a birdie.

There is no "two geese" in golf; sorry, geese.

One seagull does not work in golf either. Bye bye Jonathan Livingston.

The photos in the post today were taken during the AT&T Golf ProAm game. There were lots of birds on the golf course. The golfers seem not to mind the birds around; especially two of the good stuff are named after birds. The good terms in golf are "birdie", "eagle" and "ace in a hole"; they are associated with under par in strokes. The bad terms are "bogey" and "double bogey" and ...; each bogey means one over par.

Note from Betty: Elsa, Dominque, Tyler and their parents Gabrielle and Curt, Lindsay, and I are going to Oregon for a 5-show weekend. We will have many photos to share when we come back. There will not be any updates on Saturday and Sunday. Blog update will resume on Monday.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fort Ord Going Into History

Fort Ord was established in 1917, originally as Camp Gigling, as a military training base for infantry troops; the name changed to Camp Ord in 1939 and became Fort Ord in 1940. It is located at Monterey Bay in Monterey County, California, with the most pleasant climate and beautiful view of the ocean.

In 1990, the US Secretary of Defense announced that the military would begin a process to reduce the number of nationwide military installations and Fort Ord was one of the bases named for closure. Over the last 15 years, a portion of the land has been used for a new university: California State University at Monterey Bay. Limited acres of land have been used for development of shopping centers and roads.

There are still lots of the old building standing at the location; the paved lots are used for parking for events in Monterey area; AT&T Pro Am Golf used this lot for many years.

Pictures on this post were taken during the February AT&T golf game; these buildings are scheduled to be demolished by the end of 2010. Fort Ord will soon become a name in the history.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How Big Is The Rabbit?

German Angora Gilda in full coat; she says, "I am pretty and fluffy!"

Gilda says to Gretchen, "You can't be my sister!"

"You are not fluffy enough."

"Oh, well, I guess we are sisters."

One of the most frequently asked questions to any Angora owner is, "How big is the rabbit?"

German Angora is bigger than English, French and Satin Angoras. With a full coat and without any coat still make a huge difference in the size. We thank Lindsay for giving us the chance to see the comparison of sisters Gilda and Gretchen.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Queen Of The Bedroom

Puffy lives a pet's life, sweet and fun. Her mama writes:

"Hi Aunty Betty! :) I have attached some of Puffy's pictures to this e-mail. She is soooooo cute! :) And doing very well. She pretty much rules my bedroom :P Love, Thevee"

Monday, March 09, 2009

Youth Show At Rohnert Park

Leslie Tucker judged show A. Menn's Sissy (black pearl senior doe) placed BOB, and Menn's Bennett (lilac pearl junior buck) placed BOSB. Dominique is a happy girl.

Troy Ihrke judged show B. He also selected Menn's Sissy as BOB, but selected our new black senior buck as BOS.

The girls were thrilled to receive rosettes for their breed wins. The rainbow "participant" ribbons, when they had run out of 1st place ribbons, were also a huge hit.

Two photographers were holding a photo shoot to collect images for stock photography. We allowed them to photograph Sissy and Menn's Lizzy (lilac junior doe). Sissy seems to like the box that she was placed in. Dominique supervises.

Elsa offered to help clean up. Okay, actually, she just begged to play with the Swiffer. I may have just learned the secret to getting my hardwood floors cleaned...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Four Best Of Breed In Four Shows

Sarafina took Best of Breed in show A on 2/22.

Katianna took Best of Breed in show B on 2/22.

Samatha took Best of Breed in show A on 2/28.

Allison took Best of Breed in show B on 2/28.

Betty says,

"I went to shows with five senior English Angora does: two colored and two REW.

In two weekends back to back, four judges picked four different does as the Best of Breed. Tort doe Sarafina was picked in show A on 2/22; less than one hour later, tort doe Katianna was picked. Less than a week later in Turlock, white doe Samantha was picked Best of Breed in the morning then in the afternoon white doe Allison won the Best of Breed.

It's getting to be very confusing; or may be these girls are so close that each could be the "queen" for a short while when it lasted.

Which one would you pick?"