Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Casey's English Angora at Stockton

Carolyn takes a picture of Casey holding her white buck that has been doing very well in shows.

Is this a future big winner?

Baby shows her pretty little tongue.



Friday, September 26, 2014

Mackie Gets Ready as seen by Carolyn

Carolyn loves Angora rabbits and owns two English and one French as indoor house pets.   In the above photo is Carolyn with Betty and little girl Angeline.    Carolyn does not show but likes to visit her friends in shows and to take pictures. 

 Carolyn sees people in the rabbit show from a different angle, she likes to take pictures of Angora people chatting, loving their animals and getting them ready for the show table.   Here is a photo take by Carolyn when Betty is getting Mackie ready to be presented on the show table.


Mackie looks "explosive"!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Angora Judging at Stockton


In show A, judge Tracy judges the colored English Angora, Tammy and Maria from WA watch and ask questions.

In show B, judge Linda is in charge of the Angora.

In the specialty show, judge Allan O. from Utah is checking the white senior buck.

For the complete result of Angora judging, go to:


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Franchesca Wins Specialty Best In Show

Northern California Angora Guild sponsors a specialty show in conjunction with the Big Valley double all breed shows on September 20, 2014.
Betty's English Angora Chu's Franchesca is the winner of the specialty Best In Show. 

The Angora specialty judge is Allan O. from Utah.


Judge Allan is working on the 13 Giant Angora.  It's very unusual to see so many Giant Angora in any of the shows in CA.   They all came from WA.  Clerking for judge Allan is Tammy who has many Giant Angora on the table.


To the right of the Giant Angora are the colored English Angora waiting to be judged.

Here are the four Best of Breed winners in the Angora specialty show, from left to right are the Giant Angora, Satin Angora, English Angora and French Angora.   Judge picked the English Angora as the Best In Show and the Giant Angora as the Reserve In Show.   

The French Angora buck and the English Angora doe are having a cross breed sweet romantic conversation during the photo op, hard to get a good line-up.  


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Youth Top Winners at Stockton


In youth show A, judge Cathy awards the Best In Show to Raymond's American Fuzzy Lop.


Leo's Mini Rex receives the youth Reserve In Show honor from judge Cathy in show A.

Judge Doug S. from WA selects Natalie's Havana as the youth Best In Show in show B.


Audrey's Polish is the youth Reserve In Show winner in show B.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Open Top Winners at Stockton

Judge Allan O. from Utah picks Scott's Dutch as the open Best In Show in show A.

The Reserve In Show goes to an American.

In Show B, Carol G's American Fuzzy Lop gets the Best In Show award from judge Linda. 

Reserve In Show in show B is Bruce's Dutch.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Great Show Day for American Fuzzy Lop

Big Valley RA sponsors double open and double youth shows at Stockton on September 20, 2014.   This date proves to be a great day for the American Fuzzy Lop. 

In youth show A, judge Cathy awards the Best In Show honor to Raymond's American Fuzzy Lop.


In open show B, judge Linda selects Carol G's American Fuzzy Lop as the open Best In Show.    Carol provides mentorship to many youth including Raymond, and their Fuzzy bloodline are related.  It's sure a wonderful day for Carol and Raymond and for the American Fuzzy Lop in general.