Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, October 08, 2016

ARBA Convention Bound

ARBA starts on Saturday, the coops are still half empty on Friday night.

Exhibitors are arriving.

The grooming area is empty on Friday night, wait until Saturday night, the place will be full of wool exhibitors fighting for space.

I'm using my mobile device to put in some photos during the convention.   I'll put on better pictures and better description when I return home.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Scholastic Math Magazine Features Franchesca

The Scholastic Math Magazine features Franchesca.  

Why would Franchesca have anything to do with Math?

Franchesca's Guinness World Record of 36.5 centimeters wool length is being used as a math example for metric conversion.

Note:  The issue was published in April 2016 but Betty has just been informed and received two copies of this magazine recently.


Thursday, October 06, 2016

Another German TV Filming of Betty's Angora - Part 4

The crew moves from indoor filming to our backyard where Jovanna and her babies are exercising.

Videographer Rowven is busy following where Jovanna and here bunnies are going.

Birds-eye view will be nice.

Sound man Dominik takes photos of Rowven filming the bunnies.


Rowven is down to his knees for the bunnies.

The close encounter of the bunny kind.

More down to earth filming.

It's a wrap!

From left to right are sound man Dominik, photographer/videographer Rowven, Betty and producer/reporter Sven.    Sven is the head of the team, he also will be the editor of all the films that the crew did in this trip.   The crew is from German TV RTL Televison based in Cologne; in a 7-day stay in CA, they film 8 stories.    The next story after my Angora is a visit to a convent in Merced.   When will be the segment aired?   I don't know.   As soon as I get a video, I'll share.


Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Another German TV Filming of Betty's Angora - Part 3

It's a must to film the Guinness World Record Certificate!

I probably should have displayed the record in an area that is easier to access; the filming crews usually have a hard time7 trying to get to this little corner in our family room.

The Certificate is in the video display monitor.

Here is the wool from my rabbits!

I use the wool to spin into yarn.

Let's have a close up of how spinning is being done.

Want to see what the Angora wool can do?

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Another German TV Filming of Betty's Angora - Part 2

It's a French Angora being filmed.   That's an unusual sight when it comes to filming.


When the news media came to my place, it's always about my English Angora.   It is understandable as I have been associated with English Angora for 35 years while the French Angora only has been in my barn since 2012.   On the table is HGF Uptown Girl who has recently weaned her litter of five bunnies.

It takes a bit of convincing to get Sven the producer/reporter to film me talking about French Angora.   

I'm putting Lady GiGi on the table to be filmed.

Lady GiGi and Uptown Girl are side by side.  Lady GiGi is in her first coat while Uptown Girl's coat is in the process of being built after having a litter.

Lady GiGi and Uptown Girl seem to like each other.


I'm being filmed blow-grooming a French Angora, that's a first!
Lady GiGi is quite well behaved to be blown on the turn table.


I hope the scenes of my working on the French Angora will make it to the final video. 

It takes more than an hour of filming to make less than one minute in the video to be aired, there are more scenes being cut out than being used.   Since the purpose of this team of three was to film my English Angora, it's a little "hairy" about whether the French Angora will make the final cut. 


Monday, October 03, 2016

Another German TV Filming of Betty's Angora, Part I

This looks like a familiar scene, Betty grooming and someone filming.

Yes, this is another filming by a German TV company.

In June 2014, before Franchesca established her Guinness World Record, after appearance at the Steve Harvey Show, German TV RTL Televison from Cologne sent a team of two came to my home to film.  See

In January 2016, a few months after Franchesca's Guinness World Record was announced and after a filming by the UK news organization Barcroft TV,  another German TV company Golileo sent a team of a reporter and a videographer to make another program about my English Angora, see

Franchesca is now a mom and a grandma, long retired from showing and carrying a big long coat.   In her place for filming is her daughter Angelique.

I am very surprised to receive another request from Sven (standing in the middle) from RTL Televison wanting another filming in September.    I asked why, since the same station has done a segment on my English Angora already.

I was told that the program was so popular that they wish to film in some specific way, namely, slow motion to show the wool flying.

How do you get the rabbit to be so fluffy?  How do their wool grow so long?
It starts from a baby!  Or shall we say it starts from the good genes from the parents, grandparents, great grandparents, ...

This little one will be as fluffy as Angelique if I work hard at grooming and caring.

More to come...

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Bunnies' Photo Shoot

Nice weather, green lawn, and there's a photographer doing a photo/video shoot of Jovanna and her bunnies.


Photographer/Videographer Rowven is filming the bunnies.


Rowven is examining his screen to see whether he likes the shots.


Dominik is the soundman but he joins in to photograph the bunnies.

Both Dominik and Rawven are hard at work to record the Jovanna and her bunnies.


Now producer Sven comes into the picture to give some instructions.

How about a close up shot?

Jovanna does not have a show coat but her coat is not bad at all considering that she only gave birth to her bunnies less than two months ago and that she has been nursing them.


Rowven wants to have a top view of Jovanna and her bunnies.  

What's the occasion that brings a producer, a photograph/videographer, a soundman... to Betty's place?  
Stay tuned.