Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, April 28, 2007

French Angora in a Recent Show

At the NCAG show in Stockton a few weeks ago, Carol's colored senior doe was seem lounging in the judging coop waiting to be examined. It's such a cute post.
- - - -
In the NCAG specialty show,
Deirdre won French Angora Best Opposite Sex of breed with her colored senior buck. At the left we see Deirdre with her winner. Congratulations to Deirdre for the winning.

Friday, April 27, 2007

English Angora in Recent Shows

A few weeks ago in Stockton, CRCS held two all breed shows and NCAG put on a specialty show.
- - - - -
Betty showed three colored senior bucks. The judges commented that they were so close that it's hard to choose. It must be the case, because each buck won a Best Opposite Sex.
- - - - -
At the top, Chu's Emmitt won the BOS in show A.
- - - - -
In the second picture, Chu's Joey won the BOS in show B.
- - - - -
In the third picture, Chu's Mario won the BOS in the NCAG specialty show.
- - - - -
Which one do you prefer?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chris Z Looking and Feeling Good

Judge Chris Z has completely recovered from her foot surgery. She looks good and feels good. She has been working out and revises her eating habits. Since the last time we saw her, she has lose 20 pounds.

She was one of the judges at the Mini Rex National at Indianapolis last weekend. We heard from the grapevine that she did a great job.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Winners at Cow Palace

Here are additional winners from the Grand National Livestock Show at Cow Palace.
- - - - -
The top photo is Oscar with judge Cathy and his Youth Best of Breed French Lop.
- - - - -
The second photo is judge Wade with the Best of Breed on the right and Best Opposite Sex on the left Standard Chin winners. Best of Breed was won by Nancy of Marysville and Best Opposite Sex winner is Carry.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Avalanche Wins All Breed Best In Show

Our Canadian member Holly had a great day in shows at Manitoba.
- - - - -
Holly's white doe HHR's Avalanche took Best of Breed and HHR's Nanuk took Best Opposite Sex in both shows. Then Avalanche went on to win all breed Best In Show under Joe.
- - - - -
At the top, Avalanche is posing nicely on her grooming stand. Avalanche is in her second coat; it is usually harder to keep a second coat prime than a first coat. Holly is doing a wonderful job.
- - - - -
In the second photo, judges Ruby at the left and Joe at the right posed with Avalanche. We are all very familiar with Joe who is our ARBA district director representing CA and the rest of dist. 2.
- - - - -
The third photo is Nanuk that won Best Opposite Sex in both shows.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Three Generations of Rabbit Lovers

In a recent show at Stockton, our beloved show secretary Rita brought her daughter and grandson with her. This is the baby's first rabbit show. With grandma's top quality Satin and Silver Marten, baby is set for having good foundation stock to start his rabbit habit soon.

Just received great news: Rita's Satin broken blue junior buck won the BOB and Best In Show at the Satin National at Monterey two days ago. A huge win, congratulations!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Day of Hiking

Betty reports a day of hiking:

"El Toro peak is the highest point in the City of Morgan Hill; the city uses the likeness of this peak as the official logo. The Historical Society of Morgan Hill sponsors a hike to the peak of El Toro once a year; this year the hiking day was on Saturday, April 21. After living in Morgan Hill for almost 30 years, hubby and I finally decided to take the hike.

The first photo shows me and the other hikers gathering in front of the city library.

In the second photo, I am pointing to the steep path that we are about to take.

The Boy Scout members were very kind to dig some make-shift steps and set up a rope on the side of the steepest part of the trail for the hikers. I followed a guy with a dog shown in the third photo. The poor dog could not use the rope; he was sliding and slipping his way uphill.

In the fourth photo, it shows that we are holding on to the rope to prevent us from sliding down the steep slope.

We finally made it to the top; the fifth photo shows the birdseye view of the City of Morgan Hill.

Getting down was as hard as climbing up; my poor butt hit the ground twice. The last photo shows the peak that we have just visited.

My body is crying out loud against the hiking and climbing. Rabbit shows are more of my cup of tea. Next Saturday, I will be in the rabbit shows rather than at the top of any mountain."