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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Enderby Island Rabbit - New Zealand's Heritage Breed

Enderby Island Rabbits, Slate color.

Enderby Island Rabbit, Champagne color.

Enderby Island Rabbit, creme color.

Scott got to judge this unique breed in New Zealand: the Enderby Island Rabbits.

Here is the background of the breed from Internet source:

"The breed of rabbits known as “Enderby Island” or just “Enderby” are descendants of rabbits taken from Australia and released onto subantarctic Enderby Island in the Auckland Islands group early in October 1865. Here they engendered a rabbit population which was to remain in isolation for nearly 130 years.

Enderby Island rabbits are of a moderate size and weigh around two kilograms.

Until the last two years all animals remained the property of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand with breeding programmes being undertaken by individual caregivers. Some animals are now available for purchase by private enthusiasts. Some have been exported to North America."

Kerstin obtained the photos of the three different colors from the breeders of Enderby rabbits, she says:

"They come in 3 colours, slate (dark grey/steel) champagne (heavier silvering) and the rare creme. There are only about 43 cremes worldwide.
Slate and champagne are born black, adults will have silver tips. They are a bit difficult to raise, they are not long domesticated and are a bit wild. They like to be outside in big runs and mate only with whom they want (not necessarily agreeable with your breeding They have lots of character.

Bob Whitman imported them to Texas. Sadly he passed away and I believe they are now all gone. "

Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 Rabbit National Convention in New Zealand: Picking Best In Show

Some of the Best of Breed winners being considered for Best In Show.

More Best of Breed winners on the table for Scott to pick Best In Show.

The Best In Show winner is: Mini Lop.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

2011 Rabbit National Convention in New Zealand: Judging Angora

Ayok wins the "Best Angora" title at the 2011 national convention in New Zealand.

Proud Mama Kerstin and judge Scott with the winner rabbit Ayok.

Scott judges Angora.

Kerstin says, "Scott was very nice and very thorough and gave us a good feedback with lots of constructive criticism to learn from. He "talked his thoughts" while judging and gave his reasons for each placing, that way we could learn a lot. It was a relatively big show for us with around 185 entries, but a very small show for Scott to judge. I hang on every word when it came to the Angora."

The following are more photos of Scott examining the Angora.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

2011 Rabbit National Convention in New Zealand: Showroom and Seminar

The 2011 national convention in New Zealand was held on June 4, 2011. We thank Kerstin for providing us with photos of the convention. Enjoy.

It's like an ARBA convention with cooping except it's smaller size and shorter in duration. The breeder and exhibitors are as serious as those who are participating in the ARBA convention.
There are lots of nice trophies and rosettes for the winners.

The show room is nice and clean and very spacious.

A display of the Angora. French, Satin Angoras are not available at the current time in New Zealand; Giant Angora is not an recognized breed, the English Angora is the only breed of Angora at the show. German Angora is accepted but none at the convention.

There is a good display of rabbit literature.

A close up shows that the current issue of Domestic Rabbits is on display.

Judge Scott Wiebensohn of CO travels from the US to New Zealand to judge and to give a seminar.

Kerstin says, "I learned a lot about the American judging, registering, judging coops etc on your blog and was well prepared for the seminar, when Scott mentioned a film about rabbit breeders I said "Rabbit Fever!" and I think he was a bit surprised that I knew so much. :-)
The seminar was very informative with lots of information on breeds and breeding etc."

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Hardworking 4H Kids At Contra Costa Fair

Rabbits and poultry are considered "small animal" in competition, Contra Costa Fair is no exception thus they share the same barn.

This is the "poultry" table. It is not surprising to see cartoons of eggs that were picked out of the poultry coops on the table.

Another view of the poultry exhibit.

This is the steer show.

Some good looking steers; they would be auctioned off at the end of the fair. What's their fate? The inquiry mind does not really want to know.

Look at the size of the kids comparing to the animals, they must be very courageous to select steer as their 4H project.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Two Excellent Young Judges In CA

Justin is the youngest judge in CA, still under 19 years old but very mature. He is here judging English Angora at the Angora specialty show on Saturday.

Keelyn held the title of the youngest judge in CA until Justin received his license; they are best friends. Here is Keelyn judging the same white English Angora in the all breed show. Casey is in the background.

Keelyn answers a question from an exhibitor when judging French Angora; Gabrielle is the writer for the breed during the all breed show.

Justin completed the youth showmanship contest, Keelyn starts the youth all breed show and Justin assists.

Keelyn and Justin work together in getting the youth all breed show in good order.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Lucianna Wins Specialty Best In Show

Lucianna still in prime coat at over one year old.

NCAG holds an Angora specialty show in conjunction with the fair all breed show, English Angora Lucianna wins the specialty Best In Show in addition to the all breed Best In Show. Judge Justin judges the specialty show.