Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pink and Purple Yarn

A few days ago this photo was posted.    Combing the pale pink on the upper left and the reddish and bluish purple on the right, what does the yarn look like?
Here is the finished pink and purple yarn.


By alternating the pink and purple dyed English Angora wool, the yarn shows the colors clearly.

A pale pink binding thread is used to plied with the yarn to show off all the colors.



Friday, June 17, 2016

Morty Wants to be Bunnies' Uncle

Morty wants to know what's inside, he wants to see it.


Babies!!!   Black and white, just look like Morty.


Can I help?   I'm the uncle to these bunnies, they look just like me.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Eureka! Mohair Wins Big at the Colored Angora Goat National Show

The Colored Angora Goat National Show was held during the June 11-12 weekend at Estes Park, CO.
Allen, Kathi and Louis drove a trailer full of Angora goats to attend the Colored Angora Goat National Show at Estes Park, CO.   The following photos were taken by Kathi and posted in Allen's Facebook.
The show barn is spacious and with climate control.

Randy and Allen's Eureka! Mohair Farm Banner in the show barn.

It's a huge show barn for the Angora goat show.


Randy and Allen's goats are situated.

Before the colored goat national, the Eureka! white Angora goat won the Champion white goat.

The colored Angora goat national has started, this is the doe yearling class.  The top placing is at the right and goes down to the left.   Two of the Eureka! does are the first and second places. 

The first place yearling doe is the champion doe in the show.

Eureka! big boy The Seer won the champion buck.  This goat has the identification number of 666, it is the same as Randy's Rabbit judge's license number.

The champion buck and champion doe are both Eureka! goats, the buck won over the doe to win the Best In Show.   If we compare to rabbit shows, it's equivalent to winning both Best In Show and Reserve In Show.

The doe also won the Best Fleece award.

In the award dinner, all the prizes are in front of Allen and Louis.

There are hundreds of Angora goats in the show.  Allen has over 100 photos on the Eureka! FB page, if interested, go to


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lady Gi Gi is Almost a Big Girl

Lady Gi Gi and Lady Godiva at six weeks old.

Lady Gi Gi is a standing up kind of girl at six weeks old. 
Still a week shy of being 6 months old, Lady Gi Gi has a grown-up look.


Lady Gi Gi has been competing and even winning the big girl's class before she reached 5 months old.


Is Lady Gi Gi growing up too fast or the time is flying by too quickly?

You are looking at me?  Are you looking at my beautiful chest? 



Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Scarves and Scarves

Without rabbit shows close by, Betty is busy catching up with fiber activities.   Here are four new scarves that she made.

A close up shot of the two scarves on the left.


A close up shot of the two scarves on the right.


Monday, June 13, 2016

Little Angelique, Big Angelique

Angelique and her littermate brothers and sisters exercise with their mom Franchesca last October.

Bunnies have a good time running around while mom Franchesca chills at the corner.


When mom is not around, buns are having an even better time in the exercise pen.

After exercise, Angelique and her sisters share the space of the grooming table top for a photo session.

At 10 months old, Angelique is occupying the space of the entire grooming table top.
Look at the 8-month wool growth!  


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Color, Color, Color

Here are some English Angora wool that Betty dyed recently, enjoy the colorful photos.
In the past, if I wish to have color yarn, I dyed the spun yarn.    I'm always afraid that if I dye raw wool the wool would be a matted mess.   A couple of weeks ago, I experimented, see

and had very nice results.  Instead of a matted mess, the wool is easy to pull apart.   I don't have a drum carder and I don't need a drum carder, I like my art yarn.

How do you like this neon lime green?


Orange on the left and hot pink on the right, pretty color.

It's even more colorful when the orange, hot pink and lime green are put next to each other.

I have pale pink and magenta in the same bag but easily taken apart.   When put in some blue into magenta, I got purple.


These are my recent dyed English Angora wool, from left to right are purple, magenta, pink, lime green, orange, blue and hot pink...

... plus a new batch of lavender.

With so many different colored English Angora wool in my bags, I can spin with variegated single color or combine two colors or even combine many more than two colors.    Here is a skein of yarn spun out of the purple and blue.