Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Guests From Japan

California is a popular place for international travelers. It is no exception to the Japanese rabbit breeders. In Monterey shows in April, we saw Shinya visiting; he is back with Masako visiting the specialty shows in Corralitos on Saturday and the all breed shows on Sunday.

They stayed for the entire day, even helped moving equipment and seemed to have a great time. The also left with several beautiful rabbits including a pair of Thrianta; this pair will be the first appearance of Thrianta in Japan.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Carol's Three Best Of Breeds

It's hard enough to win one BOB to compete for Best In Show, Carol has three BOB out of three breeds to go on to the BIS table in show B at the Watsonville show on Sunday. From left to right are Jersey Wooly, Thrianta and American Fuzzy Lop. Carol is not trying to hit her rabbit with her hand during picture taking; just that the Fuzzy Lop has very high aspiration to be the fastest gun in the west. He tried to flirt with the French Lop when the Best In Show judging was going on then he wanted to show his love for the Jersey Wooly and the Thrianta even though both of them are also bucks.

Carol is much more relaxed when the American Fuzzy Lop is in her arm; he can't get to the other two boys who really do not want his attention.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Charlie Goes To Shows

It's a rare sight to see Charlie in a show, he almost did not make this one. He loves to wear a fun necklace given to him as a gift from Chris O. in the San Diego convention. It's kind of funny to see a big guy like him wearing a bunny necklace until ........

..... you see what the bunny is saying!

After a long hiatus, Charlie is returning to the show circuit with his juniors. He has good luck with breeding in the spring and now is the time to show off.

His juniors did not fail him, out of three shows his two white junior does won three legs, colored junior buck won two legs and colored junior doe won one leg.

This show almost did not happen for him. On Saturday afternoon on his way to his friend's house to stay over for the show on Sunday, his van broke down half way. He was going to have his van towed back to his hometown Willits and give up the show. After some thoughts he realized that it would be more realistic to keep his van at a repair shop locally and rent a car or van big enough to take him and his rabbits home. After renting a Jeep, he decided it's not that far from his friend's home anyway, might as well go ahead and stay for the show.

It was a very expensive show day but the results were well worth it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fawnrinda Wins Specialty Best In Show

Chu's Fawnrinda wins the Best In Show in the NCAG specialty show. There were 47 Angoras, 14 French and 33 English, in the show. It's one of our best numbers recently. Judge for our specialty is Chris Z.

This is Fawnrinda's first senior show, what a wonderful way to enter the senior class. She is young and petite but has the body, density and texture to compete with the big girls.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

English Angora Winners At Watsonville

Betty's white senior doe Chu's Swanka won Best of Breed in show A. This is the first time Swanka returned to the show table since her haircut after the convention. Swanka took BOV in show B.

Swanka was the double Best In Show winner in this same show a year prior.

Casey's Chestnut Agouti doe Casey's Coriander took Best of Breed in show B; she was BOV winner in show A.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Top Winners in Show A and Show B on Sunday

California Rabbit and Cavy shows held double open and double youth shows at Watsonville.

In show A, judge Kevin picked Julie's Havana Best In Show and Michelle's white Rex
Reserve In Show. Judge Kevin is from AZ.

In show B, judge Scott R. picked John's French LopBest In Show and Michelles' white Rex
Reserve In Show. Judge Scott flew in to do the show.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Hot Gift On A Hot Day

NCAG newsletter editor Kathy says,

"I'd spun this angora years ago; the skein lived in the freezer for seemingly forever, taking up valuable ice cream space. I knit this scarf for my mom's 80th birthday. She always supports all her children's endeavors, no matter how wacky, even to the point of seeming tickled to receive a scarf on ascalding hot day."