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Saturday, June 07, 2014

German TV Filming Betty's English Angora, Part 2 A Grooming Session (with Video Link)

Betty and reporter Sandra are setting up grooming table to start a grooming session.
  Sandra is learning to groom a full coat English Angora.


Betty says to Sandra, do you see the little tangles that is near the skin? Take it out.

Sandra tries to do the blowing and finding the tangles to be removed.

After blowing, Betty shows how to brush the tips.

Sandra is on her own in blowing Ida and explains in German of what she is doing.

For the finished video, go to the original link on the German TV website:
This link is only good until June 11, 2014.  

Here is a upload just done in the afternoon of June 7,

If neither of these links work well for you, try
More photos will be posted tomorrow.

Friday, June 06, 2014

German TV Filming Betty's English Angora, Part I Interview


What caused Betty's mouth to open so wide?

WOW, Betty and Ida are being interviewed by German TV reporter Sandra!

In mid May, German TV RTL reporter Sandra and Cameraman Markus flew from New York City to interview Betty and film her English Angora.   Sandra brings a bouquet of carrots as presents to the rabbits.

Markus is setting up the camera to film Sandra's entrance to Betty's home.

Markus films the first meeting of Betty and Sandra.

The first thing caught Sandra's eyes are the trophies in the living room.  Markus and Sandra decided to do the first part of interview in front of the trophies.

Markus does a close-up on some of the trophies.

The second part of the interview is to be done in the breakfast nook.   Ida is patiently sitting next to Betty waiting for Markus to optimize the lighting.  Sandra is off the camera providing questions for Betty to answer.

Sandra tries on a scarf made by Betty and Betty models a shawl, all made from Angora wool.

It took a couple of hours to get the indoor part down, the filming then moved to Betty's backyard. 


Thursday, June 05, 2014

Checker is a Big Girl Now

French Angora BCW's Checker is now a senior doe.   Do you want some attitude?

Luckily Checker is still a sweetie, still likes to be petted and kissed.


Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Loquat (枇杷)

These are loquat fruits.

The Loquat has large seeds; Betty says, "I was given some of these fruits in the 70s when teaching at San Jose State University.  We ate them then randomly threw the seeds into our yard and ...." 

now there are loquat trees here...

and there ...

and more ...

Here is a close up of the loquat fruits on the tree.

Another nice close-up of a cluster of loquats.

According to Wikipedia, loquat's official name is Eriobotrya japonica
that translates to Japanese Medlar.  It is originally from southeastern China. It was introduced into Japan and became naturalized there in very early times, and has been cultivated there for a long time thus so named.   In Mandarin Chinese, it's called pípá (枇杷).
This fruit tree is planted all over the world in warm climates.
The above Chinese painting is taken from the Wikipedia site, the caption says:
Loquats and a Mountain Bird, by an anonymous Chinese artist of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279).


Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Handsome French Angora Buck Fair N Square

I am a handsome 4-1/2 months old French Angora boy, my name is BCG's Fair N Square.

I must be a Britannia Petite in my last life, I like to raise my head high.

Maybe I was a Netherland Dwarf in the past, I like to sit up high to show my pride.

OK, OK, I know I am a French Angora, this is the correct way of posing but I like the other way better.


Monday, June 02, 2014

Found on the Net: Dog Pose

Dog poses for the painting or painting imitates the dog?

Sunday, June 01, 2014

San Jose State University Site Recognizes Betty's Rabbit Activities

Betty says,
When I was teaching at San Jose State University, I'd check on the faculty notes on research and recognition page.  Whenever my name appeared on the page, it would be about my publication, presentation or recognition about my activities as an economist.  Since I have retired for quite a long time, I did not expect to see my name on that list again.   To my surprise, the university picked up the Huffington report and a video posted by "World News and Everything about Life" about my rabbit activities:  
Professor Emeritus Betty Chu, Department of Economics, was profiled last month in TheHuffington Post for her success in breeding Angora rabbits. One of the oldest kinds of domestic rabbit, the Angora rabbit, along with the Angora cat and the Angora goat, originated in Turkey. Chu holds the distinction of breeding the first Angora that has ever won the Open Best in Show award at the American Rabbit Breeder Association National Convention.