Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Dinnerplate Dahlias

Carol G. has two huge Dinnerplate Dahlia plants next to the pool.   It does not look huge in this far away shot but .....

a close shot shows that the size of the flower is bigger than a person's head.

A Dinnerplate Dahlia in white that is as large as the red one.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Fun in the Pool

If our reader ever wonder why some of the winners are dressing very little, this is the answer: some of them were having fun in the pool in between shows.

We see a lot of kids who we don't see often in the regular rabbit shows.   The regular rabbit shows do not have such a nice and fun pool.

What else could the kids ask for?   Family fun, good food, rabbit show and a dip in the pool.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Jersey Wooly Winners

The shows at judge Carol G.'s backyard were an "All Wool Show".  In addition to the Angora specialties, there were specialty shows for the American Fuzzy Lop and the Jersey Wooly.  

In Jersey Wooly show A, judge Melissa awards the Best of Breed (also specialty Best In Show) to Amber's broken buck and Best Opposite Sex to the chestnut doe shown by Tim and Danielle (not in the photo).

Judge Leslie in Jersey Wooly show B awards the Best of Breed to Tim and Danielle's chestnut doe and Best Opposite Sex to Carol G.'s buck.

In Jersey Wooly show C, judge Ray picks Tim and Danielle REW doe as the Best of Breed and Nancy's pointed white buck as Best Opposite Sex.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

Northern California Angora Guild wishes everyone

A Happy Fourth of July.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

American Fuzzy Lop Winners

Carol G.'s young American Fuzzy Lop doe AK's Vanity wins specialty Best In Show under judges Leslie and Melissa.   Vanity has just won the Reserve In Show at the Alameda Fair a week prior.

 Carol G.'s other American Fuzzy Lop doe AK's Sweet Tea wins specialty Best In Show under judge Ray.   It's young vs. old, Sweet Tea is 5 years old; she could be Vanity's great great great ..... grandma but she is still competitive.

Judge Ray is judging the open American Fuzzy Lop Show while judge Leslie is working on the French Angora.   Judge Melissa at the far end is working on the Jersey Wooly.

Most of the Angora people have done eating, our host Carol G. only starts her lunch at the far middle.    Next to Charlie is Melodye, then between Melodye and Carol G. is Angel.  

Monday, July 02, 2012

Zeeva and Leeza Share Specialty Best In Show Win

Betty's English Angora colored senior doe Chu's Zeeva wins Best In Show in NCAG specialty show A and show C under judges Leslie and Ray.

Betty's another English Angora colored doe Chu's Leeza is a young 7-month-old senior.  This is Leeza's first time showing in the senior doe class and she enjoys a win of Best In Show over Zeeva in NCAG specialty show B.   Judge Melissa loves her fresh coat.

Judge Leslie is working on the French Angora in show A.   Carol W. helps to write and Lindsay takes notes for herself.  

In show B, Judge Melissa is comparing Zeeva and Leeza in the English Angora colored senior doe class while Kim watches from the other end of the table.

In show C, judge Ray is making the final decision on English Angora Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex.  Kim is writing down the results.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Angora Breeders having Fun

The much anticipated summer show and backyard party at judge Carol G's home is here.   Angora exhibitors are having fun together.  From left to right are Kim, Scott, John, Betty, Charlie, Carol W. Lindsay and Casey.

Angora people are chatting in the beautiful setting of Carol G's yard.

Lindsay is very happy to see Carol W. who has been busy with new grand kids.   This is her first time back to a show since January.

Charlie is chatting with Allison whose Victorian wedding was featured on our blog a few weeks ago.

Nothing is better than a nice party with good food.

Good weather, good food and good company next to a beautiful pool, what else could we ask for?