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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Making Out in the Van

Carol W introduces her French Angora girl to Dance with Me who has been cut down.

Other moms would worry that their daughters making out with boyfriends in the vehicles...


...but Carol W is happy that her girl and Dance are having a love connection in the van.


Friday, April 01, 2016

Freddie Gets A Hair Cut Again

Freddie loves going to shows, he loves attention.

Freddie's coat is beautiful but it's time to take a break.


Mom, what are you doing?


Hair cut time again?  I hate that.


I am not happy.


Mom, you are not a good hair stylist, I am a mess.


My fans are going to be heart broken to see me like this, Mom, you better clean me up.


Freddie, look at your beautiful wool.   Your fans will be happy to get a piece of you when the wool is made into a scarf.


OK, Ok, not too bad, it feels good to be able to run around without tripping on myself.

Mom, don't leave me.


Where are you, Mom?


Come to me, Mom.


I am waiting...


I am lonely...


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Angora Judging at Stockton

Show A judge Michael is amazed at the English Angora colored senior doe.

Judge Michael examines the French Angora broken senior buck, Carol W writes for Michael.

The chestnut buck wins the French Angora colored senior buck class.

In show B, judge Randy is checking on the English Angora.

Misty is working on her registrar's license, judge Randy teaches her about French Angora.

Misty gets a hand-on experience.


In show C, judge Allen checks on the English Angora colored senior doe, Kate is the writer.


Judge Allen comments on the English Angora white senior buck.


Judge Allen is commenting on the French Angora colored senior doe.

For a complete list of Angora results, go to:


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

News-O-Matic Publishes "Betty's Bunny Tips"

According to the description on the News-O-Matic website:
"News-O-Matic is the daily newspaper for kids on iOs and Android, an exciting and engaging nonfiction experience, and a fantastic modern educational tool. It gives young readers a window into the world — and a reason to love reading news for kids."
Betty received a message from the Guinness World Records office that News-O-Matics requested an e-mail/photo interview.  Betty says,  "I answered the questions and provided the photos as requested.    This morning Guinness office sent me the photos of Betty's Bunny Tips that was published prior to Easter Sunday.    The graphics are very cute, especially the kids' drawings.   I suspect there were more photos published as some of the drawings resemble the photos that I provided but not included in the Betty's Bunny Tips.   Have fun with the kid's version of describing English Angora". 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Open Top Winners at Stockton

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows holds triple all breed shows at Stockton, CA on March 26, 2016.
Show A Best In Show is judged by judge Ashley, the winner is a Californian owned by Randy, Alan and Jonathan.   Stand in for the owners is Louis.

Show A Reserve In Show goes to Carol G.'s American Fuzzy Lop.

This is judge Brian's judging debut and Carol G's American Fuzzy Lop receives judge Brian's first Best In Show award in show B.


A different Californian wins the Reserve In Show in show B from judge Brian.


In show C, judge Ray awards the Best In Show to Jill's French Angora HGF Gretel.


Show C Reserve In Show goes to Tessa's Holland Lop.


Monday, March 28, 2016

CBS Video - The True Story of Easter Bunny

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016 CBS Sunday Morning Show told the story of Easter Bunny.    There are coverage of historical stories, a visit to a rabbit show near Pittsburg, PA, interviews with breeders of various breeds, scenes of rabbit agility contest, ...  For Angora people there are two familiar faces: Betty Chu in CA and Eric Stewart in PA.
In case you missed the broadcast, we embed the video onto our blog, scroll down to view it.

Betty takes out Angelique for grooming.

Betty demonstrates grooming with a blower.

Eric demonstrates harvesting French Angora wool by scissors.

Correspondent Marsha Teichner interviews Eric concerning the value of the Angora wool.

Link to the video on CBS website is:
  or view it here.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter 2016

We are the Easter Bunnies!

Oh, no, here comes the real bunny.

Northern California Angora Guild wishes everyone a

Hoppy Happy Easter.