Northern California Angora Guild

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Jeff from Washington

Jeff came down from Washington to judge in the Big Valley RA shows at Stockton a few weeks ago. He and Jamie selected the Best In Show and Reserve In Show in show A.

In the top photo, during the Best In Show judging, Jeff is evaluating the English Angora. In the second photo, Jeff and Jamie are looking over two other breeds.

Jeff is highly regarded among the judges, he is currently the Chair of the ARBA Judges Review Committee, a very prestigious appointment. He has been judging for a long time. The first time Betty had her English Angora judged by Jeff was in the 1986 Washington State Convention. In 20 years, Jeff has not changed a bit, still as handsome and youthful looking as in 1986.

Jeff is a very successful contractor in his "real life".

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

French Angora in Turlock

There were double shows held in Turlock last Saturday. Carol reported that French Angora was shown, but no other breeds of Angora was there. Carol's cream senior doe took Best of Breed and Lindsay's buck took Best Opposite Sex in both shows. Photoed here is the cream doe being examined during the Best In Show judging. The BIS winner was a Californian and the RIS a Mini Satin.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Happy Birthday, Emilia

Though having the plan to retire, Emilia is still carrying her georgous show coat. Who knows, she may be back to shows when April comes.

Today is her one year old birthday. Happy Birthday, Emilia.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jamie, A Very Hardworking Judge

In one of the recent shows, Jamie co-judged the Best In Show. In the top photo, Jamie is evaluating the English Angora. In the second photo, Jamie is looking at the French Angora.

Jamie is very experienced in evaluating Angora. He was the Angora judge in the 1993 ARBA convention in Tacoma WA. He was the youngest member of the ARBA Standards Committee ever. As we know, the Standards Committee is the most prestigious committee of all. Jamie served on that committee for several years when he was in his 20s. A very high honor indeed.

Jamie has one of the nicest Netherland Dwarf herd in the nation at the current time, he used to be a top breeder of Belgian Hares when he was living in the east coast. Jamie always work hard to better himself. He has recently received his MBA degree from Pepperdine University. Not too long after that, he was hired by his alma mater to be the Director of Finance. As the ones in academic world would know, it's a lot harder to get hired from where one graduates from. It's truly an indication of the excellence that he demonstrated when he was a student there.