Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Giant Angora Wins Reserve In Show

Pat at home with Giant Angora doe Sigrid when she was a baby.

Giant Angora doe Sigrid wins all breed RIS.

Pat D. from So. CA sends good news: her Giant Angora doe Sigrid took all breed Reserve In Show in Pomona in June.

It has been quite a while since a Giant Angora getting the top honors in shows; it's certainly great news that it's happening. Congratulations to Pat.

Friday, July 04, 2008

The Fourth of July

Northern California Angora Guild wishes everyone a happy Fourth of July.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Family Affair

The entire family with new French Angora bunnies.

Dominique and Elsa holding their picks of the bunnies while baby brother Tyler sitting on the table.

Mama Gabrielle with Tyler.

Daddy Curt enjoys the beautiful pool with the little angel.

It is a family affair for the Menn family when it comes to rabbit shows. In some shows, daddy Curt brings the two girls Dominique and Elsa; in some other shows, mama Gabrielle would bring the girls. This is the first time that the entire family came together including little brother Tyler. Carol's summer party is too hard to resist.

The have their first French Angora litter since coming back to raising rabbits. We all looked at the bunnies to sex and to tell the colors; the bunnies are so cute. Dominique and Elsa already have their eyes set on one each as their show stock in the near future.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's A Wonderful Day for Danielle

Danielle and her broken French Angora senior doe that has just become eligible to be a Grand Champion.

Danielle and her Jersey Wooly that won an all breed Best In Show at the county fair.

Danielle working as the judge Carol's clerk.

For the first time that Danielle and mama Melodye came to Carol G.'s summer show. They did not realize how much they had missed in the past three years!

They enjoyed the event thoroughly; it does not hurt to have a winner Jersey Wooly and a winner French Angora. The beautiful French Angora doe Jingle Bell took Best of Variety in two out of three shows and earned enough legs to be eligible for Grand Champion.

Danielle's boyfriend also tagged along; this is his first time in any kind of rabbit show. A warning to him: not all rabbit shows have a beautiful swimming pool, green lawn, a tennis court, a guest house and BBQ steak served for lunch. He would be too spoiled to go to other rabbit shows.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Valerie and Michelle From WA

Valerie and Michelle with their BOSG Jersey Wooly.

Valerie judging French Angora.

Valerie and Michelle are both judges, they are mother and daughter. This is the first pair of mother/daughter rabbit judges in the country!

Valerie and Michelle use driving to shows as their special time together; they drove 900+ miles one way to come to judge the all wool triple shows at Carol G.'s place. Comparing to their annual driving to ARBA conventions, this is not the longest distance that they drove together.

Valerie and Michelle did great judging, and they are a really fun pair. There were constant laughter at the judging table and everyone had a good time. Have you ever heard a fun statement like this? "It sucks that the senior judge in the family is your own kid." Daughter Michelle got the ARBA license before Mama Valerie; their judges' numbers tell the story: Michelle is #759 and Valerie #828.

They raise exactly the same breeds as the clubs putting the shows: American Fuzzy Lop, Jersey Wooly and English Angora. They entered some AFL and JW in the show judged by Carol G. and their JW took Best of Breed.

We hope that they had as much fun as we did; hope to see them again in the near future.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Brigham Wins Double Shows

We have three wonderful judges in the All Wool Breed Shows: from left to right are Valerie, Michelle and Carol G. shown in the second photo.

Due to the judging arrangement, Carol G. could enter her rabbits in two of the three shows, Valerie and Michelle could enter in only one show.

In the American Fuzzy Lop shows, Carol G's sable point solid buck AK's Brigham won Best of Breed in the two out of the two shows entered. The first photo shows how handsome Brigham is; the second photo shows the two judges who picked Brigham and the happy mama Carol G. The third photo shows Valerie judging the American Fuzzy Lop show.

In the show judged by Carol G., Shirley B. won the Best of Breed with her broken doe and Christina won Best Opposite Sex with her buck. Shirley's doe won Best Opposite Sex in the other two shows.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Emmy Wins Triple Specialty Best In Show

Betty with Emmy, Judge Michelle from WA, Lindsay with her white French Angora doe.

Charlie talks with Gabrielle and Lindsay is keeping record of her rabbits' placings.

A date for the white French Angora pair.

Lindsay's French Angora are situated on the carrier stands.

Carol's backyard party is the highlight of the summer. This year, in addition to Fuzzy Lop and Angora, Jersey Wooly was added to the breed list. It is a complete wool breed show.

In the Angora show, Betty's Emmy took specialty Best In Show in all three shows.