Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Donna's Embroidery English Angora

Betty says,

"Donna, Indiana, is very talented. Not only she does all the fiber work, she also does embroidery by hand and by machine. When we met in Louisville, she gave me a sweatshirt that has a white English Angora with my name on it, seen in the first picture. It's so pretty that I saved it for a special occasion that has yet to come. She also did a similar shirt for herself, seen in the second picture."

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jelly Belly Art

Other than President Reagan's Jelly Belly bean portraits, there are other famous people whose pictures are made of Jelly beans.

A bear with the honey tasting Jelly beans.

A close up of the nose of the bear where the jelly beans are clearly visible.

A duck made of Jelly Belly beans.

These pictures are not made of Jelly beans, but showing various special occasions that Jelly bean candies are popular.

Jelly beans are also associated with Easter Bunny due to the fact that the beans are egg shaped.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

President Reagan And Jelly Belly

Though Jelly Belly beans have been around for a long time, it was President Reagan who put the Jelly Belly in the public eyes. When he was the governor of CA, he munched on Jelly Belly to kick his cigarette habit. He liked it so much that Jelly Belly became a main stay of his daily snack. He brought it to the White House when he was elected president, even had it in the inauguration party.

Needless to say that President Reagan's image is everywhere at the Jelly Belly factory. Most of the pictures are made from Jelly Belly beans, such pictures are called the "Jelly Belly Art".

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jelly Belly Factory Tour

Jelly Belly has a factory in Fairfield, CA. The factory opens for tours everyday; during the weekdays, one can actually see the jelly beans made from start to finish from the sky walk above the factory. It's a fun and informative tour; everyone should take one. The best part of it: it's free!

The entrance of the Jelly Belly factory is airy and fun.

Flowing giant Jelly beans hanging from the ceiling.

Valentine is the main theme at the Jelly Belly gift shop at the current time.

There are hundreds of flavors of Jelly Belly beans; one can ask for samples before deciding which kind to purchase.

Jelly Belly has a fleet of vehicles decorated with Jelly Belly beans. Betty is playing a tourist having a picture taken with these vehicles.

Alice sits on the Jelly Belly stairs.

To go on the factory tour, everyone has to wear a white boat hat. Betty has just completed the touring of the factory and has a picture taken with the giant stuffed Jelly Belly.

Alice likes the stuffed Jelly Belly too, who wouldn't? In her hand is a bag of free candy from the tour.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One King And Five Queens

Ashton says, "Five pretty girls, which one should I choose?"

Some girls are more affectionate than the others.

These two girls like to take care of Ashton.

Ashton says, "May I have your phone number?"

Girls just want to have fun.

Tort buck Chu's Ashton won Group in the 2003 ARBA convention and made the cover of Domestic Rabbits that year; his picture is on the current ARBA poster. He loves girls but there's not much he could do with them, he is 7 years old. White doe Chu's Mercedes, 9 time all breed BIS winner, lives with Ashton and takes care of him.

When weather is good, Ashton and Mercedes would come out to play on the lawn. Four other cut down white does would join Ashton and Mercedes. When there are new naked girls around, Ashton would show interest but interest is about all he could show, not much else. Having girls around always make the old boy happy.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Menn's Birth Announcement

'09 Convention Open BOB French Angora winner Menn's Pudge is a grandma again! Yesterday, her son sired his first litter. Today, her daughter, Menn's Kiah kindled her first litter. This is Menn Family's 6th litter since they got involved in French Angora

New French Angora litter at Menn's house. Grandma is the ARBA convention BOB in San Diego. This is Menn's 5th litter since the family started breeding French Angora.

Pick and choose.

Dominique got her choice.

This is Tyler's choice.

Gabrielle says,

"Is "my rabbit had babies this morning" a good reason to skip school? Not in this house. So, once the girls got home, they dashed over to the nest box for some quality time with the newest members of our family. I guess the afternoon chores won't get done..."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Pretty Shawl From Blue Tort Wool

A while ago, Carol G. bought some blue tort wool harvested from Chu's Oceana. The rabbit looks bluish beige but the wool looks almost off white. Carol kept on saying that she would dye the wool because it's so light in color. Eventually she decided to spin it up and to make a shawl in the natural color.

The finished shawl is beautiful; good spinning, good knitting and even good color, definitely not off white.

In general the finished garment is more intense in color than the wool in the bag.