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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Learning from Grandma Cathy

Judge Cathy is working on the English Angora on the table and Carley is helping with clerking.

Carley is one of Cathy's 8 grand children, she has her own breeds but also is very intrigued by the English Angora.   Grandma Cathy is well known for being a top notch judge and also the chair of the ARBA Standard Committee, who else would be a better teacher than grandma!


Is Angelique huge or is Carley small?

Hailey is the oldest of Cathy's 8 grand children, her Mini Satin won triple youth Best In Show with her  at the WCC in 2015


Hailey and Carley with Angelique.


Grandpa John, Grandma Cathy and the two beautiful grand daughters Hailey and Carley.



Friday, September 02, 2016

The Belgian Hare are Getting More Popular

Judge Amy Z working on Belgian Hares, Patrick watching.  

Judging Amy posing Belgian Hares, Casey clerking.
Patrick and Casey are also familiar faces at the Angora table, they also have Belgian Hares.

In most shows, the number of Belgian Hare is single digit, sometimes none.    In the Solano RBA show at Dixon, it is unusual to see 19 Belgian Hares, more than the French Angora.  


Thursday, September 01, 2016

Show B Angora Judging at Dixon

Show B starts with English Angora.

Judge Cathy has a little helper when she is judging the white English Angora.

Judge Cathy is comparing the English Angora juniors.

Casey does her regular duty as the table clerk.

Judge Cathy checks on the English Angora colored senior doe while Carolyn watches.

Judge Cathy said, can you feel the texture? 

French Angora is now on the table with judge Chris Z checking the rabbits and Carol W. waits to record the comments.

A pretty fawn French junior is waiting to be judged.

Judge Chris Z is checking on the pretty fawn junior French Angora.

Patrick and Melody watch Chris Z. judges.

Jill joins in to watch Judge Chris Z judge.

Carol W. is the table help.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Show A Angora Judging at Dixon

On the morning of Saturday, August 27, the Angora judging starts with French Angora.   Carol W. has all the cards ready to take comments.

Judge Amy Z. checks on the body of a French Angora colored junior buck.

Judge Amy is very thorough, she is checking and counting the nails on the front paw.


The nail checking is now on the back paws.

These are two beautiful colored junior does that are competing for the first and second places.   The winner of the class is the fawn doe.   These two are littermate sisters. 

The finalists for the BOB and BOS are the colored senior buck and the colored senior doe that are also littermates.   The winner in show A is the buck.

Judge Joe is the show A English Angora judge, he is checking on the body of the white senior doe.

There are a good number of English Angora on the table.

Judge Joe is checking on the underside of the English Angora senior doe.


Cathy is always there in support of her hubby's judging duties.

The little English Angora junior doe is very cute.


The BOB English Angora goes to the colored senior doe.

For a complete list of Angora results, please go to:


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

French Angora Wins Best In Show in Maine


Allen judges everywhere in and out of the country.   When we were showing at Dixon, Allen was judging in Maine.      He was pleasantly surprised by the only French Angora shown in the show, excellent body and wool and beautifully groomed.   Here he is checking on the body.


Allen is here judging the Best In Show.   He is so impressed with this French Angora that he picks the doe Best In Show.    The owner of the rabbit is Jaime Thurlow, very experienced in cavy but fairly new in French Angora.   

There is a "treat" hidden in this picture.   Since Allen is originally from CT, most of us in CA have not met his family.   His parents went to Maine with him and his mom is in the photo.    Can you guess which one is Allen's mom?   Hint: Three people are surrounding her and talking with her.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Open Top Winners at Dixon

Solano RBA holds double open shows at Dixon, CA on August 27, 2016.
In show A, judge Armando picks Kristine's Mini Lop as the Best In Show.

Reserve In Show goes to Tim's Netherland Dwarf in show A.

In show B, Steve's Polish wins the Best In Show from judge Melissa.  This is Steve's first ever Best In Show win.


Tim's Netherland Dwarf also gets Reserve In Show from judge Melissa.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Angora Family Portrait at Petaluma

At shows, Angora exhibitors are usually busy grooming grooming and grooming.   They very seldom have time to sit for a photo together.  At Petaluma, such an occasion arises.    From left to right in the front row are Jill, Bethany and Betty, in the back row are Carol W., Brittany, Casey and Matt.   Missing in the picture is Carol G. who is still busy judging.

The setting reminds us of the "Addams Family", we can almost hear the music thumping in the background!