Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Slow Show Time = More Spin Time

There are less shows during the summer, that leaves more time for spinning.  Angora rabbits are multiple purpose animals, they are the kings and queens in the shows when in show coats, when they retire, their wool is useful in making beautiful yarn and products until the end.   Here are two skeins of pastel colored yarn made by Betty in the past few days.

Betty is known for making lumpy bumpy art yarns but once a while she also makes the regular two ply smooth yarn.  Here are two skeins of fawn two-ply made from her two fawn does: Fawnella and Fawnna.    Both are grand champions in retirement, Fawnella is 5-1/2 years old, mother of Multi Best In Show winners Zeeva, Zoey, Franchesca, Fawntasy and Donnica; Fawnna is 7 years old.    They make contribution in showing, in making future champions or providing beautiful wool for spinning.    Where else can one find better breeds than the Angoras.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Mister Bun Bun's Adventure on Instagram

In April, Shu Lin received Bun Bun as a pet from Betty.

Bun Bun started his life as an indoor pet.

He is pampered little boy.

He enjoys his life in luxury and he has his instagram account detailing his adventurous life with mama Shu Lin in photos and videos.

Bun Bun's screen name is "Mister Bun Bun" and Shu Lin's is "tofuflowa".

Tofuflowa & Mister Bun Bun Adventures of Mister Bun Bun and his mommy. Mister Bun Bun is an English Angora Bunny born on 02/13/2015 from breeder Betty Chu.

Mister Bun Bun has quite a few followers and he would love to have more; would you join his list of followers?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Making Miniature Drop Spindles

Chris O says,
 "I am making a bunch of 9" drop spindles to use as swap gifts for our fiber group's Christmas in July cookout. Everyone brings as many little gifts as there are guests and puts one of each in every guest's Christmas stocking (paper bag, really). Fifteen guests, fifteen gifts, preferably fiber related."
I bought a bag of 100 pair chopsticks on amazon and a bag of 100 2" cork craft discs at Michael's.

I set up my Dremel with workstation to drill 1/8" holes in the cork discs. This size fit nice and snugly on the chopsticks. Three discs provides enough weight to spin decently.

 I think I will put a drop of glue on the top and bottom discs at the join so they won't move in use.

Nine inches total in length, big enough to use.


They work!  I am putting them in a plastic bag with a small bit of fiber and calling it a glove compartment emergency spinning kit. Actually, they would pack well for a trip if the discs are not on the chopstick yet but assembled at destination.

Kind of silly but a cute trinket gift that actually works.


Completed emergency spinning kit just in case there is a spinning urge attack.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's All in the Family

Checker the French Angora is sharing the exercise pen with English Angora Fawnna and Chloeanna.

French Angora Meara and  four English Angora girls are resting together.

"Do you speak French?" Meara asks the English Angora girl.

French or English, they are all in a big happy family.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kathi and Linda Teach Betty about Blythe Doll

Kathi brings sister Linda to visit Betty.   Linda is an avid doll collector and maker.   She has a large collection of Blythe dolls that she customizes and beautifies.   

It's a totally new concept for Betty, one learns something new everyday.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Where is Catalina?

This is the same photo of bunny line-up.   Catalina is among these bunnies.

At 3-1/2 months old, Catalina is an adorable little beauty.   A couple of months later she won the colored junior doe class at the ARBA convention at Fort Worth Texas.  


Catalina is a blue tort, color lighter than the regular tort.  She is 5 months old when this picture was taken.

She is taken a position of a backup senior doe to Donnica in the current showing but she still managed to received a specialty Best In Show and achieved the Grand Champion status.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Donnica Stands Out

A year ago, this bunny line-up photo was taken.   Which one is Donnica?

Donnica steps forward, "Here I am!"

At 3 months old, she is a cutie pie.

At 5-1/2 months old, Donnica shows potential.

At one year old, Donnica is a multi Best In Show winner.