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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Randy Teaches Allen to Judge English Angora, Part II

Randy and Allen works on the colored English Angora in these four photos.

During the working on the colored, Randy brought up the important point of checking on the English Angora wool to make sure that the wool is free falling all the way down to the skin, the skin should be clearly visible. Randy used his breath to blow into the wool then used his hands to separate the rabbit's wool all the way down. Allen was very impressed and took out his camera to take pictures. The rabbit that they examined had the density, length, texture and that they could see the skin.

It is wonderful to see such teaching. It indicates that Randy truly understand the English Angora wool.

We had heard judges making statements such as:

"I don't know too much about the wool thing, so I am going to assume that the wool are all the same, I'll just judge the body." (Wool is 57 points out of 100!)

"This rabbit is so dense that I cannot see the skin." (It's webbed and matted!)

"I've seen a rabbit that was so dense that I could not feel the body." (It's a big piece of felt!)

Randy and Allen should hold a workshop to help these judges to better understand English Angora.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Randy Teaches Allen to Judge English Angora, Part I

Monterey Fair rabbit shows were held on two days; youth show on Friday and open show on Sunday. Between these two shows, there were double open shows held in Cardiff near San Diego on Saturday. The distance between Monterey and Cardiff is about 420 miles, at least 7 hours one way.

Randy judged in Monterey on Friday; drove to Cardiff and judged on Saturday; then came back to Monterey with Allen on Sunday. Crazy? We all thought so, but this was not the first time Randy did that.

It was the first time that Allen came with Randy to Monterey. Allen said, "Betty, I am here to learn about Angora. I am not working on my license, I come specially to learn about the wool breeds, I want to be the best judge for Angora."

Monterey fair open show was relatively small; there was no pressure to get the rabbits on and off the judging table fast as in most of the regular shows. It was a wonderful experience to watch Randy teaching Allen about English Angora in every little minute detail.

The three photos posted today show Randy and Allen working on the white English Angora, Betty was the writer. These photos show them working very thoroughly with the rabbits: comparing the tips, examining the skin, looking over the bodies. etc.

It was a treat to watch them working together so intensely.

Tomorrow we'll see the photos of them working on the colored English Angora and the following day will be the photos of their putting the white and colored variety winners together to pick the final winner.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Casey Having a Good Time at the Fair

Casey came to the fair with the whole family. They did it as a mini vacation before the school starts.

They first went to Santa Cruz Board Walk; then to the Monterey Fair the next day; then back to Santa Cruz again the next day. Both places are well known for the ocean, the beach and the fun rides.

The top picture shows Casey grooming her white doe while Cole and Ashley snuggle up. Casey's white junior doe won three legs out of the three shows, a perfect score. The second and third pictures show Casey and Tracy watching the judging of white English Angora.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Makisam Wins Double Specialty Best In Show

After the Monterey Fair all breed show, NCAG held double specialty shows.

Sevenah sat out the specialty shows. Betty's English Angora tort senior buck Chu'sMakisam got the chance to shine. He won specialty Best In Show in both of the NCAG specialty shows under judges Ray and Carol G. Makisam also won the Best Opposite Sex to Sevenah in the all breed show under judge Randy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tracy and Franco At The Fair

Tracy is well known for her top quality Satin Angora. Now she and Franco are doing a project of English Angora and Giant Angora together.

In the top photo, Franco is working on the English Angora colored senior buck while Tracy is looking on. In the second photo, Franco wants to make sure that the pretty boy's profile is being seen.

In the third photo, Tracy is working on the judging table as Judge Ray's clerk. Her beautiful red Satin Angora is on the table being examined. Her doe won Best of Breed in the fair show as well as in the two NCAG specialty shows.

Tracy is a schoolteacher. Monterey Fair is the last day of her summer break. School starts on Monday.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sevenah Wins All Breed Best In Show

It is the end of the summer fair season. We went to the Monterey Fair on Sunday.

As usual, fair offers something that a regular rabbit show does not have. There are the greasy fair foods that we cannot resist, there are fair goers who had never seen wool breed rabbits, there are kids that are curious about everything, and there are the annoyance of our rabbits being touched by sticky fingers.

All in all, it is a fun place.

Betty's English Angora choc tort senior doe Chu's Sevenah took all breed Best In Show.

The top is Sevenah in her picture perfect pose. The second photo shows the two judges Ray and Randy with Betty and Sevenah in the middle. The third photo is Betty with Sevenah and the Best In Show prize.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Like Father Like Son

Holly's puppies are growing fast. Her favorite boy is learning fast from his dad, Hunter.

Hunter is relaxing in front of a driftwood, very well posed. Sonny is learning to pose in his dad's food bowl.