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Friday, April 07, 2006

Amy's Beautiful White French Angora

We saw Amy's three colored young French Angora in the previous post. Today we have two of her white French Angora, the best ones in the current crop. The top is white doe Spang's Maris with her gorgeous coat, will start showing in the senior class in the next show. The bottom one is white buck Spang's Byron, starting to grow his senior coat. Amy is very excited about these two rabbits, she can't wait to put them on the show table.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Amy's Beautiful Colored Junior French Angora

Our New York member Amy is sharing with us photos of three of her current crop of colored French Angora show potentials.

The first one from the top is is 15 week old Sable doe, Spang's Anniko. The second one black junior buck Spang's Kahlil, photo taken at 4 months old. The third one is tort junior buck Spang's Emil at 12 weeks old.

These rabbits are very typy with beautiful wool. They are sure going to be big winners on the show table.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Betty and Emilia Getting Ready for TV

Betty is putting on the final touch on Emilia before going to the taping of the TV show. The show will start airing on April 17, five nights a week. It's not known which day that Betty and Emilia will be on.

Here is the information about the show:

We will be returning to rabbit shows on April 8. There will be new posts about our two open shows and a specialty show put on by our guild. It will be wonderful to see all our old friends and fellow breeders in a couple of days. There will be many new rabbit pictures taken and posted soon.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

An Art Form That is Out of This World

There is no rabbit nor any other animal in today's post. This is something very different from our normal subjects.

Here is a photo of Bettye Jane Brokl and her art creation.

Those who were in the same gathering as Betty looked and looked. There were a lot of puzzling faces in the room. It was hard to describe the art work, none knew what it was.

Readers, be prepared, you are going on a wide ride! This is an art form that is out of this world. Truly, not in this world!

If you look closely, there is a winding line in the frame on top of some gold colored background. The material that made that winding curvy line is, get ready, human ashes!

Ms. Brokl explained that this person loved to fish at the river when he was alive, so his ashes were made into the shape of a river. She said she placed her business cards at funeral homes, and those who wanted the ashes from their love ones made into a piece of art would contact her.

Thinking that this was something unheard of, Betty did a web search. Guess what? There was a patent issued in 1927 to Albert Vanderlaan of Larchmont, New York for the method he invented to use human ashes to do art work,

Oh, well, there is nothing new under the sun, regardless of whether it is in this world or out of this world.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Will Sillin, A Versatile Artist

Will flew to Los Angeles from Massachusetts. He is an artist who has created numerous work with different medium: oil, watercolor, computer image, illustration, ... Nothing is more unusual than using corn. Yes, you read it right, corn!

From down there, it's an eight-acre site of corn maze. You get there, pay an admission and you get lost in the maze. However, if you get up on a plane, you will see images of President Bush and Kerry, Mona Lisa, King Tut, Babe Ruth, ... Don't believe it? Click

The land is owned by Mike, thus it's called Mike's Maze. The art work is done by Will. He said that he sketches out the images and then uses a bull dozer to do the job. Since the corn are live plants and they grow, he has to bull doze the maze every five days.

We are amazed by Will's creation, Will is amazed by Emilia. Here is a photo of Will holding Emilia. For more of Will's work, check out

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Gary Meets Emilia

Gary, the handsome young man in these two photos, is the person who invited Betty to the gathering in Los Angeles. He has a degree from UC Santa Barbara with double majors. One of the majors is Economics, the subject that is totally familiar to Betty. However, he loves the other major a lot more than Economics and uses it to do his job. For more information about what he does and how it relates to Betty's trip, check out the postings on March 31 and April 1 on

Gary wants to know more about how an English Angora keeps a show coat. From the top photo, we can see that he is getting the idea. May be we can talk him into raising English Angora? In the second photo, Gary is imitating Emilia's facial expression.