Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, July 15, 2006

NCAG Specialty Show A at Carol's

Today is our club double specialty shows at Carol's back yard. Carol has a beautiful yard with complete landscape, a pool and a tennis court. It's the American Fuzzy Lop's club show, we are the guests of the Fuzzy Lop club. We always have a wonderful time there.

In Show A, Betty took Best In Show with Chu's Emilia in show A. In the top photo, Betty is shown with Emilia who is in her still beautiful 17th month coat. In the second photo, show A judge Ray is examining the English Angora under the shade.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Betty's Website #1 on Yahoo Top 9

Yesterday, Betty received a message via her website. "Hi, Betty, I don't know if you have seen this, but you are #1 on yahoo's top 9 of the day (Thursday). Congrats. Lisa"

Well, Betty had never heard of such a site, a little ignorant there. She checked, lo and behold, her website was #1 of the day, voted by yahoo viewers. If our readers are curious, click the following link and you will get to the site.

Several photos were used in the broadcast, and here are two of them. These two rabbits happened to be the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex in the 2000 ARBA convention at Columbus, OH. The first picture is Chu's Leonardo, the Best Opposite Sex at the 2000 convention. Leonardo is still alive and well. He has sired a litter recently at six years old. The second photo is Chu's Alissa, the Best of Breed at the 2000 convention. Though Alissa had passed on, her grandson Chu's Ashton has done her proud. Ashton won the Group in the 2003 convention and sired many great show rabbits. Alissa's gene lives on.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Best In Show in Show B

Chris Z and Christine F sent in the photos of their winner Holland Lop to share with us.

The top photo is the winner rabbit sitting on top of the prize, a two hole KW carrier. The second photo is the winner rabbit Stonehenge up close. What a handsome boy.

Chris Z is one of our favorite judges and Christine F is a registrar on her way to becoming a judge. They are having more fun than ever since they formed their partnership about a year ago.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Best In Show in Show A

At Watsonville, none of the Angora made it to the top two spot in the show. We did manage to get two pictures of the Best In Show winner in show A. All the people in the pictures are very familiar to us, our readers may be interested in seeing them.

The two judges who picked the Best In Show are Doug and Mike, first and third from the left. The winner rabbit is a Mini Rex shown by the partnership of Allen and Randy. Allen is the current top registrar of the year four years in a rol and going for the 5th title; Randy is the Vice President of ARBA and an excellent judge.

From a later report, we also learned that a Mini Satin shown by Allen and Randy took Reserve In Show in show B. The Best In Show in show B was the partnership of judge Chris Z. and registrar Christine F.

Congratulations to all !!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Angora Judges at Watsonville

In the shows at Watsonville, we have two young judges. In the first photo, Troy is judging Satin Angora in show A. Patti is clerking and she also is the winner of Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex of Satin Angora. This is only the second time that Troy has judged a show.

Comparing to Troy, Melissa is an old hand, though she is young in age. In the second picture, Melissa is judging English Angora with Kim doing the paper work. Melissa is quite a familiar face on our blog. She has judged Angora quite a bit. She will be one of our two judges in the specialty show this coming Saturday.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Casey Has a Great Day at Watsonville

Casey's two littermate brother and sister English Angora just turned senior in July. Both are mature for their age, very pretty and with great density.

The beautiful tort doe took Best Of Breed and the handsome white buck took Best Opposite in show A. In show B, the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex switched their place, still the two same rabbit.

Casey had a great day at the show, congratulations.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Chris and Her Hand Dyed Wool

Our MA member Chris sent in this composite photo to share. She is an expert in color dyeing. She can dye any color to total precision. The wool sheets in the picture are hand dyed to be used for craft projects such as rug hooking.

We have many members who are talented and creative. Chris certainly is one of the tops. For more of her creations, see