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Saturday, March 12, 2011

On Our Way To New York City

Betty reports,

By now we know that the Rabbit Fever did not heat up NBC studio due to the coverage of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan on Friday.

On Thursday before we knew about the natural disaster, Amy, Matthew and I arrived at SFO bright and early and went through our journey to NYC. The following photos were taken on Thursday, March 10.

Betty and Amy at the San Francisco Airport.

Matthew, Amy's boyfriend, accompanies Amy to NYC. In Betty's kennel, Lilianna is at the top level and Luicanna at the lower level. Unseen in the kennel are also two bunnies.

Delta and TSA people are very kind and courteous. The took good care of the kennel.

We arrived at JFK and a limousine was waiting to take us to the Essex House across from the Central Park, 1/2 block from Donald Trump's building.

Essex House is quite a fancy hotel.

Amy visits Lucianna, Lilanna and the two bunnies at Betty's room.

Betty joins in for a photo op.

Lucianna enjoys the lounge chair.

Lilianna, Lucianna and bunnies stay in the carriers during the night.

Lilianna and bunny share a piece of hay.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rabbit Fever Goes To New York With Lilianna And Lucianna


The "Rabbit Fever" segment was scheduled at 7:45 AM, but at 6:00 AM NY time, we were informed by the NBC Today show that due to the coverage of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, our segment is pre-empted. We are heading back to California this afternoon.

Rabbit Fever director Amy Do is appearing on NBC Today Show this morning.

Lilianna flies to New York City to go on NBC Today Show with Amy and mama Betty.

Lucianna is also a part of the crew going on the NBC Today Show this morning.

Betty says,

"NBC Today Show has booked Amy Do, director of Rabbit Fever, to appear on the show on Friday, March 11, morning this week.

I am honored that my English Angora Lilianna and Lucianna, both multiple Best In Show winners, and I have been invited to accompany Amy to fly to New York City to appear in the show. We will be leaving tomorrow morning.

Please watch the program on Friday morning. I will have reports of the trip and appearance here when we fly back on Friday night."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Great Turnout Of French Angora At Myrtle Point Shows

There are a large number of French Angora exhibitors in the Myrtle Point shows. During the Friday evening specialty show, the exhibitors stay together for a photo op when judge Jacob is judging the breed. Altogether there are 49 French Angora entered in the show.

Judge Bob judges French Angora; exhibitors are anxiously waiting for the placing.

The big winner of the day is Gabrielle's fawn doe Menard's Amie that is held by judge Jacob. Menard's Amie won Best of Breed three out of four shows. The fourth Best of Breed went to Katy's pearl doe.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Lilianna Wins All Breed Best In Show At Myrtle Point On Sunday

Chu's Lilianna is the littermate sister of Lucianna. There is definitely a sibling revelry going on.

Judge Joy prefers Lilianna and awards her the Best In Show in the single show on Sunday.

Reserve In Show goes to Ted's French Lop.

Altogether, there were four shows at Myrtle Point, Oregon. Betty's English Angora won the Best In Show in all four shows. Colored doe Lucianna won three and sister Lilianna won one. It sure is a great weekend for the Angora.
The Reserve In Show in the three all breed shows are different: a Cali won in show A, a Himalayan took show B and in show C, it was a French Lop. The Reserve In Show in the Angora specialty show was Gabrielle's French Angora.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Lucianna Wins Double All Breed Best In Show At Myrtle Point On Saturday

Chu's Lucianna is a chocolate tort English Angora doe, she is 9 months old.

In open show A, judge Jacob awards the Best In Show honor to Betty's English Angora and Rita's Californian wins Reserve In Show; there were 32 Best of Breed rabbits on the judging table.

In Show B, Judge Bob P. selects Betty's English Angora Lucianna as the Best In Show and Vanessa's Himalayan as the Reserve In Show.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Myrtle Point Specialty Show On Friday Night

Our annual trip to Myrtle Point, the weather condition is great.

There are 73 Angora entered in the specialty show, these are the four Best of Breed rabbits. Left to right are Giant Angora, French Angora, English Angora and satin Angora.

The lucky girl that wins the Best In Show is Betty's English Angora colored senior doe Chu's Lucianna. Judge Jacob judged the show. There are more Angora news in the open shows on Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Allen's Kansas Surprise

Allen guest blogs:

"Randy and I had the fortune of judging the Smoky Hills Rabbit Breeders annual show on February 12, 2012 in Abilene, Kansas. While it's always a pleasure to catch-up with our Midwest friends and meet new acquaintances, I made an extra special meeting at the end of my day.

It's never uncommon for a judge to be asked many times during a show, "Will you please look at my rabbit and tell me what you think?" At the very end of the day in Kansas, after judging BIS, a lady kindly asked this question about her Satin Angora. I was first surprised because I had just judged BIS, and no Satin Angoras were in the lineup. She introduced herself as Denise Wyrick, and said that she came to the show just to register her Satin Angora.

The first thing I noticed about the Satin Angora buck was his very even coat in length, including over his shoulder. The staple length was approximately 4". Denise put the buck on the table, and I immediately went to feel the density. My hands were telling me "dense", but my preconceived notion in my head was arguing, "No way! Not possible!". I quickly blew in the coat to see if it was double coated. Nope. Within 3 seconds, I realized I was feeling the densest Satin Angora I had ever come across. His texture was also good, and when I found out he was a remarkable two years old, I was again floored! This Satin Angora was just beautiful and I am so thankful Denise approached me for my opinion.

Judges see hundreds of rabbits each weekend, but this opal Satin Angora particularly stuck in my head. I told Denise she and her rabbits deserved to go to an ARBA Convention! Let's hope we see a beautiful showing of Kansas Satin Angoras in Indianapolis - I know I will certainly be anxious to see the Angora isles this fall!"