Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Pretty Rayna

Pretty Rayna is a broken chestnut doe on her second coat.
 How do you like my left side?

Or the front?

Or my right side?   Did you know I almost made it at the Angora National?   I took 2nd to HGF FAUN in a very large colored senior doe class.   HGF FAUN won the BIS at the Angora National, well, I was soooooo close.

Friday, June 01, 2018

Bunnies Lining Up

Bun-buns, let's line up for a good photo.

Show you pretty faces.

Good boys and good girl, now we can see all your pretty faces.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Japanese Doll Making

Carolyn is taking a Japanese doll making class.  This is the most recent project that she completed.   This one requires intermediate level skill.  

This doll was made by Carolyn a few months ago, the skill level is slightly lower than the one above.

They all look very complicated from a lay person's view, but they are sure pretty.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Jim Rowland for District Director

Judge Jim judges Angora at WCC this year, and he has judged Angora almost every year when he came to WCC.

Jim is running for ARBA district 6 director.   Us in the west are not in that district but we still can give a big shout out to him; if we could we would definitely vote for him.   Those who are lucky enough to be in his district, VOTE!

Jim came to Red Bluff, CA for his last two of the 8 judge's assist (apprentice) shows in 2007.    From left to right are Jim, Betty, Randy and Josh.

Jim in 2017, ten years after he received his judges license, with Betty and Josh again plus Josh's better half Sue at the Indy convention.   

  Jim is an excellent judge and has a great sense of humor, it's really fun to see and chat with him!  He'll do a great job on the ARBA board.

 Jim Rowland for District Director.  

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Three Thousand Year Old Rabbit Art

Betty's hubby took a trip to China in May.  He found in Taiyuan national museum this bronze rabbit display.

This bronze rabbit art piece is 3000 years old, excavated from a tomb in Shanxi Province.   

This is the description about this bronze rabbit.

Monday, May 28, 2018

It's Loquat Time

Loquat trees are very pretty, the leaves are large and green year round. 

We started these trees from seeds.

During late spring early summer, the fruits start to turn yellow.

Each tree produces many fruits.

When the fruits turn orange, it's the best time to pick and eat.

To keep the fruits fresh, just pick whatever is ready.    Human and rabbits both enjoy them, and squirrels like them too.

Cut the loquats into half and take out the large seeds.

Now ready to eat, yummy.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Judge Scott and his Parents

We all love judge Scott Rodriguez who is the judge for the Angora National this year at Reno.   He has a long history with Angora, being a youth English Angora breeder in the 1980s.

Supporting Scott all the way are his parents.   They took him to shows in the 1980s, and would you believe they still take him to the shows now?   To be more precise, they drive his rabbits to the shows while he flies.    Betty and Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez have known each other for over 30 years, whenever they see each other Betty would say, "You are spoiling Scott, what a brat he is!!!"     Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez are both retired teachers, when they found Franchesca's photo in the National Geographic Kids, they want to show it to Betty and hilariously asked for an autograph!