Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Betty Receives A Wonderful Visit

From left to right: Ivy, Shyun, Betty, Sandy and Chinshia. They received their master's degrees in Economics from San Jose State University.

Betty in the middle with Chinshia and family from So. CA, Sandy and family, Ivy and Shyun, all from the South Bay Area.

Fawnnie is a hit with the next generation of Betty's students. Jessica is enchanted with Fawnnie while her brothers look on.

An outside shot of Betty with guests.

Betty says,

"I count my blessings. I had a long and rewarding career in teaching, a wonderful husband, lots of good friends, and my beautiful rabbits.

This Christmas I received a surprise call from Chinshia, one of my students in the master's program at San Jose State University 28 years ago. She and husband and three sons live in So. CA.; she said that they were coming north and would like to visit. In one day, she contacted her friends in the same program and they all agreed to come to my home to visit.

Chinshia, Ivy, Sandy and Shyun all received their master's degrees some 26 to 27 years ago from San Jose State University; they all took graduate courses with me. I had not seen Ivy since she graduated; last time I saw Sandy was in the early 90s and had not seen Chinshia for at least 15 years. Shyun and I are in contact regularly and we see each other several times a year.

I was really overwhelmed that there were so much love and joy to see them. They each has a fulfilling family life and a successful career; each family have three children from ages in teens to 23 years old; six of the next generation came with their parents. They were a little bored listening to the talks about old days but nothing like a rabbit to perk up their spirit. Fawnnie stayed on Jessica's lap soaking up all the attention.

It was a very wonderful visit. I feel totally blessed and very appreciative of their thoughtfulness."

Friday, December 26, 2008

Carol W's New Bunnies

Carol W has nice French Angora. She does not breed much, one litter or two a year the most.

She has good news to share:

"Yea! We have a successful breeding - 5 live babies were born last Sunday to CR's Nevermore (tort) & our broken tort buck. The babies are all broken tort - with good butterflies!! I've attached pics..."

We look forward to seeing these bunnies on the show table in the spring.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Northern California Angora Guild wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Doug's Christmas Gift

Just two days before Christmas, our handsome judge Doug received a great Christmas gift five times over from his famous French Bulldog.

He says,

"I was blessed with 5 little ones for Christmas, 3 boys 2 girls from
Ch Leton's Panda Bear and Ch Calvin Kline."

He is sharing with us photos of these cuties.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Raykun's Art Work

Betty says:

"One of the highlights of going to shows at Red Bluff is to visit my friend Raykun who lives in a beautiful big house east of Redding. We went to graduate school together at University of Notre Dame over 30 years ago. We were both trained as economists, both taught economics for many years at university level and both retired now. I am now a fulltime rabbit mom and Raykun is venturing into being a painter/artist.

Raykun is a very fast learner; I knew that when we were in graduate school. I am still totally surprised to see how talented she is and how good her paintings are. She converted a half of her garage into an art studio with a huge table for her to paint and the walls are decorated with her finished artwork.

Don't you agree that these paintings are just beautiful?"

Monday, December 22, 2008

Doug's Great Weekend With Friends

Jeremy from Michigan on the left and Doug on the right judging the Best In Show.

Greg is holding the two dogs co-owned with Doug.

Doug's famous French Bulldog.

Our handsome judge Doug had a great week in shows at Red Bluff.

He traveled north with his partner Greg and their dogs, picked up their friend Jeremy who flew in from Michigan and judged together in the shows at Red Bluff. On Friday night, they judged Mini Rex specialty then on Saturday then judged the all breed shows.

It was a fun weekend for the three best friends to travel together and do the rabbit things that they all love to do.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shelly Learns To Knit

Shelly had never knitted in her life before Saturday at Red Bluff. Betty says, "I can teach you to knit in 5 minutes". "No way," Shelly says. In 5 minutes, Shelly tries her hand in knitting. In an hour or so, Shelly is part way into knitting an Angora scarf.

Shelly shows off her first knitting effort.

On Sunday, the new Angora scarf that Shelly knitted on Saturday is on her neck. She has started another scarf.

Shelly is so into knitting while hubby Sean watches and smiles.

The whole family is watching Shelly and Shelly is still knitting. Left to right are Eleanor, Sean, Maddie and Shelly.