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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rita's Little Prince

Rita and daughter and grandson.

Another shot of three generations.

Remember this picture? It was taken in May 2007. Can you believe how fast the little guy is growing?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Eric Stewart Is The New ARBA Executive Director

Eric and his BIS winning Mini Rex.

Eric and Randy in a Show in So. CA.

Eric's award winning handspun Mohair yarns.

Eric and Randy measuring the wool length of an English Angora.

It's official; Eric Stewart is the new executive director of ARBA.

Eric is a top Mini Rex breeder; his rabbits win Best In Show regularly. He is a top judge, voted in as the Best In Show judge in the 2004 and 2007 ARBA conventions. He is known for his ability in organizing judges' academy and judges' conference, and he is also a promoter of judges' education.

Congratulations to Eric's new job and also congratulations to us for getting a top notch manager into the ARBA office.

KCBS, The Oldest Radio Station

Betty says,

"I worked in downtown San Jose for over 26 years, my office located on San Fernando Street. I was very surprised to find out that the first radio broadcast occurred 100 years old this month on San Fernando Street and that this station is the one that my husband and I listen to everyday.

The two photos and the following information are taken from the KCBS website: 'KCBS started out as the hobby of scientist and inventor Charles Herrold. Giving birth to the world's first radio station, Herrold and his engineering students began broadcasting regularly-scheduled programming in 1909 on a 14-watt transmitter in San Jose. Originally, the station simply identified itself as "This is San Jose Calling." '

This station did not apply for broadcast license for a long time thus it is not the first radio station licensed by the government. It is, however, the first station that has regularly scheduled broadcasting since 1909. The headquarter of this station is now in San Francisco. "

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bob Whitman Remembered

Bob in the 2006 ARBA convention in Forth Worth, TX.

The greatest rabbit history book, written by Bob.

It's hard to believe that another great rabbit breeder had passed away. Bob Whitman, ARBA director and the greatest rabbit historian, passed away in the morning hours of June 10, 2009. He was in his late 50s.

It would be hard to list all Bob's accomplishments; he had been in rabbits for over 40 years since he was a youth. What we knew him the best was the history column in the Domestic Rabbits and his 450+ page book of "Domestic Rabbits and Their Histories". Most of all, he was a very kind person.

We will miss Bob and miss all the wonderful knowledge that he shared with us.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's Nolan Up To?

Nolan in his second coat.

Nolan still got it, he won 12 BOS legs in three months with a come-back coat.

Nolan gets a hair cut; look at his broad and round body.

Betty's white senior buck Nolan won the Best of Breed at the ARBA convention in Louisville last October.

What has he done so far?

He was cut down a few weeks after the convention then had his first date with pretty tort doe Marie, the best overall wool winner at the convention. They produced three beautiful kids, one boy and two girls, that are doing well in shows.

Nolan came back to the show circuit in March and won Best Opposite Sex over and over, accumulated 12 more legs. Photos here show Nolan in his second coat.

Since there isn't any shows for a while, Nolan has been cut down to enjoy his summer hairdo.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Brian Hartzell Remembered

It is sad and shocking to have received the news that judge Brian Hartzell of Ohio had passed away at 8:30 am on Monday, June 8, 2009. Unconfirmed report said that Brian suffered an aneurysm on his way to work, he was 31 years old.

Brian was featured on our blog many times since our blog started in 2005. We are sharing some of the memorable photos to remember Brian.

Brian was waiting for the Best In Show judging in the ARBA convention in Louisville on October 28, 2008. His American Fuzzy Lop and Jersey Wooly both won Best of Breed in the convention.

This picture was taken on October 16, 2007 when waiting for Best In Show judging. Brian's American Fuzzy Lop won Best of Breed at the ARBA convention in Grand Rapids.

Brian showed off his gorgeous Fuzzy broken junior doe that just won the Best of Breed at the 2006 convention. The picture was taken on November 3, 2006 in Forth Worth Texas.

On April 29, 2007 Brian judged English Angora in Monterey. He won the Best of Breed American Fuzzy Lop in the breed National on the same day.

Brian was the catalyst that started this blog. On July 16, 2005, he judged the Fuzzy and Angora specialty shows at Carol's backyard shows. Betty says, "I took a picture of him judging in his swim wear and an apron. The picture became so popular that everyone wanted to see it. So I opened an account with and put on the very first post on August 7, 2005. That's the start of our blog."

Monday, June 08, 2009

A Surprise Visit from Charlene

Betty says,

"I went to Reno to attend the Truckee Meadow show on Saturday. What a pleasant surprise to have received a visit from Charlene, past NCAG president, who I have not seen for at least 6 or 7 years.

Charlene used to show actively and won top honors with her Satin Angora and French Angora in conventions and local shows. She also held the development certificate of broken Satin Angora and had passed the first presentation. Then family issues caused her to resign from her post at NCAG and stopped showing. Then she had some health issues.

With the family issues and health issues behind her, she looks great and offers to help out at the San Diego convention. I am just thrilled to see her and accepted her offer.

Another thrilling news is that Charlene will be a grandma very soon. Most of us still remember Laika as a teenage beauty who did very well in shows. Now Laika is married and expect to be a mom in November.

What a wonderful day to have seen Charlene and heard all the good news."

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Katianna Wins All Breed Best In Show and Reserve In Show Again

Katianna in the wind.

Left to right, Shamra with her Reserve In Show Mini Rex, judge Neal from Utah and Betty with her Best In Show English Angora.

The Truckee Meadow Rabbit Club held the annual double open shows in Reno, NV on Saturday.

Two rabbits won top honors. Betty's English Angora tort senior doe Chu's Katianna took Reserve In Show in show A and Best In Show in show B. Shamra's Mini Rex won Best In Show in show A and Reserve In Show in show B.