Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Brock's First Best In Show In Youth

Youth English Angora breeder reports his first ever all breed Best In Show in the youth show at the Penn-Ohio rabbits show last weekend. Judge Terry picked the Best In Show.

Judge Howard picked Brock's English Angora colored doe as the Best 4-class.

In the Midwest and east, most of the shows pick a "Best 4-Class" rabbit and a "Best 6-Class" rabbit and then these two rabbits compete for Best In Show. If those in the west are not familiar with the terms, 6-class means the heavy weight breeds that has intermediate classes: senior buck, intermediate buck, junior buck, senior doe, intermediate doe, junior doe thus 6 classes. The light weight breeds do not have the intermediate classes thus called 4-class. The shows in Midwest and east usually do not pick Reserve In Show while the shows in the west usually pick Best In Show and Reserve In Show; the two top winners may be both heavy weight or both light weight or one of each.

Friday, April 08, 2011

A Little Of This And A Little Of That

Betty says, "I took one class in spinning, I practiced a lot then create my own style. I can spin yarns that are fine and even to be suitable for making gloves or socks but I like to let my imagination lead me into spinning my own designs.

Over the years I have collected pretty colored fibers other than Angora, I decided to combine them with my own English Angora wool, take a little of this and a little of that to design some yarns that are very different. These yarns receive very good review from my buyers, some of the yarns in the photos are already in their new homes."

The major of the material in this skein is white English Angora wool spun in moderate thick-n-thin style, then accented with pink merino and kid mohair blend. The plying cord is pre-spun pure silk.

I don't have a lot of gray wool because I have very few black rabbits. This is one of the yarn that uses my limited gray wool. The accent fiber is pale pink merino and the plying cord is gold metallic thread that adds glitters to the yarn.

This skein combines tort Angora wool with pale green super wash merino then plied with gold metallic thread that adds glitters.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Lucianna Wins Specialty Best In Show

In conjunction with the California Rabbit and Cavy all breed shows, Northern Californian Angora Guild puts on a specialty show. The lucky gal that wins the specialty Best In Show is Betty's English Angora choc tort doe Chu's Lucianna. Lucianna sure has a great day, winning one all breed Best In Show and one specialty Best In Show.

Judge Allen judges the NCAG Angora specialty show while Charlie and John watch intensely.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Top Winners In The Youth Show At Stockton

In the California Rabbit and Cavy Shows show A, judge Allen picks the youth top winners. Shyann's Mini Rex took the top honor of Best In Show and Courtney's New Zealand wins Reserve In Show.

In youth show B, Shyann's Mini Rex wins Best In Show again. Melanie's Mini Satin is the Reserve In Show winner.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Lilianna Wins All Breed Reserve In Show

In the California Rabbit and Cavy Shows show B, Lilianna wins all breed Reserve In Show. Best In show was a Dutch.

It was almost an all Angora winning but fell just a little short. Judge Randy announced that Betty's English Angora was the winner of Reserve In Show and Gabrielle's French Angora was Reserve to Reserve In Show.

Judge Justin put Lucianna (left) and Lilianna (right) next to each other to compare their coats for the final pick of Best of Breed in show B; he picks Lilianna.

Charlie talking to Judge Justin when the colored senior doe class is being judged.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Lucianna Wins All Breed Best In Show

English Angora choc tort doe Chu's Lucianna sitting pretty in the sun.

In the California Rabbit and Cavy Shows show A at Stockton on Sunday, judge Ray picks Lucianna the Best In Show, left is Betty and right Ray.

Reserve In Show goes to Holly's Tan junior doe.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Carrie And Carol Show Off A Beautiful Shawl

Carrie likes red animals. When she heard that Casey is doing a red English Angora project, she wants some. She and mom Carol traveled to Myrtle Point to meet Casey.

They raise sheep. They send some of their fine sheep wool to a friend in Russia and in return they received a beautiful shawl.

A close up of the beautiful shawl made by a Russian lady. It's very finely spun and knitted.