Northern California Angora Guild

Friday, January 27, 2006

Eric, A Top Judge from PA

We were thrilled to have gotten Eric to judge our Angora. Eric is from PA, an ARBA district director. He is one of the top judges in the nation. In 2004 ARBA convention in Providence, Eric was voted in as the judge to pick the Best In Show rabbit, this certainly shows his statue in the wonderful world of rabbits.

A big plus for we Angora breeders is that Eric is also a spinner and has raised many fiber animals including but not limited to Giant Angora. He understands the wool than anyone else. We were really thrilled to have him in Santa Rosa.

In the top photo, Eric is judging French Angora with Lindsay recording comments; in the second photo, Eric is judging English Angora with Kim being the clerk.

We hope to see him more often in CA.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Allen and his African Gray Parrots

Chris from MA sent in the above news story about Ziggy, an African Gray parrot, in the UK.

Please read this story before reading the rest of the post today.

Allen happens to have three babies parrots of the same breed. He has been keeping them behind the KW booth in shows for regular hand feeding. Betty snaps three photos of these parrots to share with our readers.

If you have read the news story by now, you know that these three parrots may cause a lot of "damage" to some other unlucky guys.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kathy Visits the Santa Rosa Show

It is unusual to find Kathy, our newsletter editor, in a show. Kathy does not show and works in a shelter, rabbit show is not her cup of tea. It was wonderful that Kathy decided to come to Santa Rosa to visit us, who she had not seen for quite a long time. Kathy walked through the showroom, chatted with old friends, and had a good time. On the top, Kathy is seen holding Emilia, the Best In Show rabbit in show B. On the very right corner of the photo, our readers may see a small stuff dog. This dog is wearing an Angora sweater. It is a "model" that Betty uses to show off the doggie sweaters she makes.

In the second photo, Kathy is seen inside the show room.

It was so nice to see Kathy again, wish she'd come to visit more often.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ruby is Now a Champ

Our readers have followed our handsome judge Doug's French Bull Dog family for a while. Just received the great news that Ruby has a major win on Sunday and achieved the champion status.

Congratulations to Doug and Ruby!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another Best In Show for Emilia

We had a great time in Santa Rosa yesterday. The show was well attended though there was some concern with the size of the building before the show. The show committee did a great job in taping the floor so that all the spaces were used efficiently. Kudos to the show committee.

Chu's Emilia collected another all breed Best In Show in show B. The breed was judged by Eric from PA, the BIS was picked by Joey and Manuel. A beautiful Holland Lop co-owned/co-bred by Chris and Christine took Reserve In Show. Emilia is in the top right photo; in the second photo, from left to right is Betty with Emilia, Joey, Chris and Christine. Manuel happened to have walked away when the photo was taken.

More photos to come in the next few days.