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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Wool Fashion In Magazine

Betty says, "I was flipping through my Chinese magazine Sunday Ming Weekly, 2010.11.28 issue; there is a three-page report about wool in fashion industry. At the corner of my eyes, I saw this very familiar photo: a photo that I took in 2003 of Chu's Ashton, BOB and Group winner in the 2003 ARBA convention. At the most unexpected places, I'd see my photos being used without permission and without credit!"

Translation of the description about Angora wool section:

5. The Lightest Wool Material

Angora (Angora rabbit wool)
Point of Origin: Chile
Animal that produces the wool: Angora rabbits.
Micron count: 12-16
Characteristic: airy, soft and slippery.
Weakness: No elastic memory.

In general, the descriptions are not too far from the facts except the "origin" part and the micron count seems to be off base.

I have read that Angora rabbits originated from Turkey, France or England, I have not heard about Angora rabbits originated from Chile. If it's referring to the current production, China has the highest volume of Angora wool produced. If any Angora wool were produced in Chile, it's a minuscule amount, so small that it's not even comparable to the US. If it's refering to the rabbit in the photo, it's from Morgan Hill, CA, USA, definitely not from Chile!!!!

Sunday Ming Weekly, though published in Millbrae, CA, the editing staff are based in Hong Kong, a part of China. It's quite surprising that the staff did not realize that China is the number one producer of Angora wool in the world at the current time.

As for the micron count, most believe that the range is closer to 10-12 rather than 12-16.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Yokohama Bay Rabbit Club Show in Japan

Thanks to Maiko, we have fresh report and photos of the November 27-28 shows held in Yokohoma, Kanagawa, Japan.

The YBRC show and the Pet Festival have a joint venue each year. This is the display of the 2010 festival.

Mother Valerie and daughter Michelle are the two featured judges from WA this year. They are being introduced in the opening ceremony.

Maiko is holding Bamboo's Azov, an English Angora white buck that Maiko bred from Chu's Jayden and Chu's Mabel.

Michelle is shown here judging English Angora; Bamboo's Azov won Best of Breed and Best Wool in both shows. For judging of English Angora, go to

These are prizes for the winners.

These are prizes for the top winners: Best In Show, Reserve In Show, and Best Junior. Best In Show judging is posted on
but it is unclear which breed won the Best In Show.

There are six videos posted, if interested, click on all links to watch the show.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Who Is Uno?

Betty says, 'I saw "Uno" on the first day when I arrived at the convention. I said, "Hi, Uno, how was the trip? Did you come by yourself or with the whole family?" He seemed to trying hard to answer my questions. I went further, "What breed are you judging, Uno?" He finally said, "Hi, I am Geoff, who is Uno?" Oops! I should be more careful, he has his name tag on and it did not say Uno'

On Monday, Uno appeared at the judging table. Here are Geoff and Uno, which one is Geoff and which one is Uno, can you tell?

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Dapper Family of Judges


Mama Susie also became an ARBA judge. From left to right are another sister Emily, Susie and Anna. Out of three judges, Mama Susie is the "junior" judge in the family.

Left to right are cute couple James and Emily, Mama Susie, Anna and cousin Jeremy.

Betty joins into the picture with English Angora Chu's Barclay. Barclay's mom is the 2009 convention Best of Breed Chu's Susie who is named after Judge Susie who gave rabbit Susie the first Best In Show.

The Dapper family of MN is the only family that has three judges; there are several pairs of father-son judges and two pairs of mother-daughter judges: Valerie-Michelle in WA and Jennifer-Ashley in CA.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Stacy And Joey, More Love At MN Convention

Judge Stacy of OH has gotten engaged just before the convention. Joey and her stepped out for the first convention as an engaged couple. They have their wedding planned in a very nice church and Stacy's gorgeous wedding gown is all done. Their wedding is planned to be held in April 2011.

Congratulations, Joey and Stacy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jamie and Jennifer, Love At MN Convention

Betty says, "In 1990, I witnessed a wedding held at the convention in Tampa, FL. I cannot remember who the groom and the bride were, but I remember that the maid of honor was our CA judge Chris Z., so the couple must be Holland Lop breeders. Ten years later in 2000, I again witnessed a wedding held in the convention in Columbus, OH. This time I do remember the couple: Bruce and Tammy Ormsby. Another 10 years passed, there was no wedding in the 2010 convention in Minneapolis, MN but there was an engagement of Judge Jamie Green and Jennifer Burns."

Jamie was very excited when he secretly planned his proposal to Jennifer. Most of his friends knew what's about to happen but Jennifer had no idea. On Tuesday night over a romantic dinner, Jamie popped the question and Jennifer accepted. Since no one other than two of them were present, Jamie re-enacted the romantic deed on Wednesday morning in the show room inside the Fuzzy Lop judging area.

A close-up shot of the beautiful engagement ring. The wedding is planned to be held on June 4, 2011; their new residence will be in Atlanta, GA.