Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Please Take Me To The Show!

Betty says, "Sunday morning after the Big Valley RA shows, all the show carriers are stacked to be cleaned.   We opened the side door and there sat three animals: Nikki, Mary Jane and Alvin.   It is a daily routine for our two cats Nikki and Mary Jane to be at the door waiting for their breakfast; Alvin on the other hand was unexpected.   It's still early in the morning, his usual visiting time is in the late afternoon.  Hubby quickly netted Alvin and put him into one of the carriers."

So this is how it feels to be in a show carrier!

See, "Do Not Touch Rabbit", I am a rabbit, do not touch me.

Would you take me to a show?  I am such a handsome fellow, I'd do well in a show.

Sorry Alvin, you have an important job to do, you are a chicken guardian!  Your mama Julie wants you home.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Blowing, Blowing, Blowing....

BVRA May show uses the Beef Barn at the Stockton Fairgrounds.   The plus is the abundance of space, no one has to fight for space.   Exhibitors could spread out as much as they want as long as they are willing to walk far to the judging table.   If one wants to be next to the judging tables, then better arrive early and get the premium locations.

On Saturday, the Angora, Fuzzy Lop and Jersey wooly exhibitors all got nice locations next to the breed tables.   In order to groom and blow our rabbits, we all like to be close to the edges of the barn so that we could blow outwards.    The negative of the Beef Barn is that all weather elements come into play.  If it's a hot day, people and rabbits all get hot; if it's a cold day, people and rabbits get chilly.   On Saturday the show day, it's a windy day.   Look at Zeeva's coat, it's blowing every directions without even putting on the blower; the wind is doing the blowing job.

No blower used in any of these photos.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Celebration of Marie's 99th Birthday

Barbi Brown made an announcement on the day before the Big Valley RA shows at Stockton:

"Marie Rayher, long time dwarf breeder is celebrating her 99th birthday today.
She will try to come to the show on Saturday but I will have cards there at my
booth for you to sign if you wish in case she can't make it. It's been a tough
year for Marie but she is still fighting and we expect to celebrate her 100th
next year!"

Marie celebrates her 99-year-old birthday with her favorite rabbit people.  Barbi and son prepare a cake for Marie.   Barbie is well-known for her fun-filled booth and informative website:

Marie receives well wishers on her 99th birthday.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Zeeva Wins Specialty Best In Show

During the Big Valley RA double open show weekend, Northern California Angora Guild also held a specialty show.   Zeeva is the winner of the specialty Best In Show.    In addition to English Angora, there was a good number of entries of French Angora and Giant Angora.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Youth Top Winners at Big Valley RA Shows

In youth show A, judge Doug awards youth Best In Show to Savannah's chocolate Havana.

Alyssa's broken Satin wins youth Reserve In Show in show A from judge Doug.

In show B, judge Ray picks Bradan Mini Rex as the youth Best In Show.

Jesse's Netherland Dwarf gets youth Reserve In Show under judge Ray in show B.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Open Top Winners at Big Valley Shows

In the Big Valley RA show A at Stockton, judge Cathy selects Betty's English Angora Best In Show and Carol's American Fuzzy Lop Reserve In Show.

In the Big Valley RA show B at Stockton, judge Melissa awards Best In Show to Julie's Havana and Reserve In Show to Angel's Jersey Wooly.

In a show that has over 2600 entries and more than 250 exhibitors, out of the four rabbits that won the top honors, three are wool breeds.    This shows the high quality of the wool breeds in our show circuit.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Zeeva Wins All Breed Best In Show

Zeeva wins another all breed Best In Show.

At the Big Valley RA show A, judge Cathy S. selects Carol's American Fuzzy Lop as Reserve In Show and Betty's English Angora Best In Show.  

Judge Cathy is looking over Zeeva on the Best In Show table.

There are 35 breeds represented on the 2 Best In Show tables; altogether there are over 2600 entries.