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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Remember Me? I am Flower Girl

It's me, Flower Girl, and my brother McBryde.  We were itsy bitsy bunnies in the love bucket.

Look at me now, do you think I'd fit into the love bucket?

Want to see more of my pictures?

My profile, do you like it?

Or do you like my front better?

Friday, August 02, 2019

What is "Judges Assist"?

In recent months, there are photos and reports of several people doing "Judges Assist" at shows.  Exactly what is "Judges Assist"?   Do the judges really need assistance?  Why are some of these people flying into California to do their "Judges Assist"?

In this photo at Monterey on July 14, Ethan from TN is doing "Judges Assist" under judge Josh Humphries.   Ethan is working to become a licensed ARBA Registrar.   In order to be a registrar, one has to be an ARBA member consecutively for a minimum of 3 years, submits a fee and a petition with at least 20 signatures from other ARBA members and applies to take a written test and an oral test based on the Standard of Perfection.    If passed, the applicant has to work as an apprentice to at lease 2 licensed judges in 3 all breed shows.   If passed, the applicant becomes a registrar.

Masako flew in from Japan to do her "Judges Assist" under judge Kellyjo Younggreen for her judge's license.  To become an ARBA licensed rabbit judge, one must have held a registrar's license for no less than 2 years and registered 35 or more rabbits.  Along with fee and a petition with signatures from 20 adult ARBA members, one can apply to take the judge's examination.  If passed, the applicant must work as "Judges Assist" in 8 all breed shows and receives endorsement from 6 judges.   All the requirements have to be completed within 3 years of the date the initial application is submitted.   As you can see, in some areas it's hard to secure 8 shows within the time frame.    In Masako's case, she already worked as Judges Assist for 2 shows in Japan, there will be 2 more shows in Japan in 2019.   In order to expedite her goal of becoming an ARBA judge, she flew to California to work 4 shows including the one at Portola Valley.

At Reno during WCC, Jason from Texas unofficially worked under Josh.  It's "unofficial" because Jason was still waiting for the results of his registrar's exam at the time of WCC.   In addition, Josh was judging the BAARG specialty show, in order to receive credit, the show will need to be an all breed show.    There isn't as many Angoras in Texas, Jason took the chance to learn about the 4 breeds of Angora from Josh.  

There has been quite a few out of town judges who had done part of their Judges Assist in California due to the frequency of shows here.   ARBA district director Jim Rowland did his last two Judges Assist at Red Bluff in 2007, see:

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Beautiful Lily of Niles in the Sun

Our Lily of Niles plant is in full bloom.   Sharing with all.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Brother Act

You saw our sisters yesterday, how about us?  We are the brothers.

Our names are Quintana and Quinton, we like each other.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Identical Sisters

We are three sisters.

We look alike.

Our mama Betty can't even tell us apart.

You should see the judges, they have a hard time placing us.

If I stand up, maybe someone can pick me out.

Or should I stand in the back to hide?

Monday, July 29, 2019

Harvesting Frieda's Wool

Frieda goes from a poofy full coat beauty to....

…  an itty bitty naked worm in an hour.   Here is how:

The first cut is always the hardest, as it's a road to no return.   Using a pair of Fiskars to cut a spot on Frieda's back.

The blades are parallel to the body.

The scissors move from one side to the other ...

Frieda's round body is now exposed.

Gently let the wool fall to the sides.

A beautiful wool fall.

Pull the wool from all sides carefully and it shows how big a pile the wool is.

Store the fleece in a 2.5 gallon size plastic bag.   If you wonder, these wool are all from Frieda's back, very long and very prime.   There are 6.5 ounces.

As you see in the earlier photo, Frieda still has lots of wool on the sides, the chest and the tummy.  These wool are still quite long and for sure usable.  There are about 2 ounces from Frieda's sides, chest and tummy.   These wool are stored in a different bag due to difference in the length.

The English Angora is the most beautiful animal if they are well groomed and well kept.  Their wool are fine, soft, silky, … just a dream for spinners.   Their wool are cut like a human going to the beauty saloon.  There is no pain or harm done to the rabbit.  The wool will grow and provide the spinner luxurious fiber for the next 6-8 years.    

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Poof, It's Gone

Frieda in her full coat.   Some of the questions that received over and over are:  "How big is the rabbit?  How much is the wool?   Is there a rabbit under the wool?"    Get the answer in the next photo.    The two photos were taken using the same table at the same spot in front of the same background.    

One hour after the first photo was taken, this is Frieda.  Poof, all the wool are gone.
What happened in this hour?  Stay tune for tomorrow.