Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What A Cutie

One never knows what animal would show up in a rabbit show. The show participants are all animal lovers, so seeing dogs and other small animals in shows is quite common. At Turlock, people were doing a second take when a baby goat was walking on leash. It turned out that this baby goat was being hand-nursed on a fixed schedule.

What can we say? It's cute, cute and cute.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Got To Pee!

We have seen hundreds of bunny pictures but so far have yet to find one like this.  It's a moment that is hard to catch.

Look at the right lower corner, what do you see?    The bunny is saying, "I got to pee, too much milk!"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mesa, Mandie's Littermate Sister

Betty says,

"Mandie is a beauty, when her photos appeared on the blog, her new mom Maureen and I both received many compliments.

I am very fortunate that my rabbits are like peas in the same pod, one can hardly tell them apart. Here is Chu's Mesa, Mandie's littermate sister. This is the first time that her photos appear on the blog. Mandie and Mesa took turns to go to shows; while Mandie won BOB on Saturday, Mesa won BOB on Sunday at Turlock. By rotating the sisters, they each got the chance to shine and neither had to endure a lot of grooming and handling during a long weekend of showing."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Allen Had The Scariest Ride Of His Life

Allen says,

"I judged in Utah over the weekend with Cliff Dick. We got in a car crash on Sunday on I 80 in Salt Lake. We spun around and almost flipped when another car hit us at 70 mph. Neal was driving, and merged into the left lanes while someone else in the left lanes merged into us. We hit, and then spun around across the freeway. What is scariest is that Neal's wife (Sue) was following closely behind us, and almost crashed into us. It was the scariest ride of my life.

Once the police came, we were able to drive away. When Cliff and I got to the airport, we had to laugh because it was such an adventure. We took this funny picture in front of the big bent side of the van."

We are very happy to learn that judges Allen, Cliff, Neal and Susan went through a very traumatic time but luckily they are all OK.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Betty says,

"I am not too sure what 'angoraphile' is, but two write-ups about me have used this word. It must have something to do with my love for Angora, and hopefully I am right about this interpretation.

In Turlock last week, I had a lengthy and enjoyable conversation with Sami Segale, mom of a delightful young lady who was showing her English Lop in youth. Sami took some pictures of me and Mandie and judge Joe judging English Angora.

It was a big surprise to see her doing a write-up on me and my English Angora on the SF/Oakland Examiner website on March 7:

The three pictures in this post were taken by Sami at Turlock. For the entire article, please click the link above."

Monday, March 08, 2010

Mandie Wins Four Class In Ohio

Mandie in the wind.

Judge Ron awards 4-class to Mandie; new mama Maureen is very happy.

Judge Ron blows into Mandie's wool when judging 4-class.

Judge Jacinta is the breed judge for English Angora.

Mandie has been a busy girl. She was in the CA state convention on Saturday then she flew to Ohio to meet her new mom Maureen. Maureen takes Mandie to the South Ohio RBA show on Sunday; very happy to report that Mandie won Best of Breed in double shows and in one of the shows she was judged as the Best 4-Class rabbit.

In California, the final judging is to pick the Best In Show and Reserve In Show. In other parts of the country, most shows pick a Best 6-Class rabbit and a Best 4-Class rabbit then these two compete for Best In Show. "6-Class" are the heavy weight rabbits that has 6 classes: senior buck, intermediate buck, junior buck, senior doe, intermediate doe and junior doe. In Angora, Giant Angora is a "6-Class" while the other three breeds of Angora are all "4-class": senior buck, junior buck, senior doe and junior doe.

It's Maureen's first time out winning the big one; hope that she and her rabbits will win many big ones to come.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Found On The Net: Knitting For Chickens

Little Hen Rescue in Norwich, UK, is a non-profit organization which re-homes battery hens.

These chickens are not bred for meat, they are normally sold for slaughter after one year when their rate of egg production slows. The Little Hen rescue center buys them and then offers them on as pets.

Miranda McPherson, who runs the knitting craft club at Monkton Elm Garden and Pet Center in Taunton, said: 'The hens usually come out of farms quite bald and can be underweight. They will soon fatten up and regain their feathers with the right care, but while they are waiting for their feathers to grown back they can benefit from our knitted jumpers.

Want to knit some jumpers/sweaters for these chickens? The pattern is on The pattern probably could be modified for rabbits and dogs.