Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 11, 2019

NCAG Specialty Show at Stockton

Northern California Angora Guild specialty show:

Northern California Angora Guild holds a specialty show in conjunction with the Big Valley RA open shows.  Our judge is Allen Mesick.  Carolyn and Laurie are watching and chatting.

Judge Allen examines the English Angora colored junior bucks.

On the table are two English Angora colored senior does.  The coops are obviously too small for the senior English Angora does, their big coats are being mercilessly squeezed.  

Judge Allen is now working on the senior French Angora.

A cute opal French Angora junior doe is being flipped over to check the tummy.

The French Angora blue junior doe is being examined by judge Allen.

The two junior does are side by side compared.

Where is the judge?  The Satin Angora are waiting.

Judge Allen examines the BOB French Angora.

Then the BOB English Angora.

Judge Allen's choice of the specialty Best In Show is the French Angora and the Reserve In Show is the English Angora, same results as the open show B.   French Angora Rose Gold's mama Carol gets a Mikasa crystal blue bell dish as the Best In Show prize.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Open Best In Show Judging at Stockton

Open show A Best In Show judge Doug King.

Judge Doug examining the English Angora.

Judging Doug checking on the English Angora's back.

Judge Doug's choice are the two little breeds: Netherland Dwarf the Best In Show and Holland Lop the Reserve In Show.

Show B judge is Melinda Anderson.

Judge Melinda examines the English Angora.

Judge Melinda puts the English Angora and French Angora side by side, we see the French in the front and the English in the back.

The English Angora is in the front and the French Angora behind the English Angora.

Judge Melinda's choice are the French Angora Best In Show and the English Angora Reserve In Show.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Show B Angora Judging at Stockton

BVRA Open Show B judging:

On the table are the English Angora juniors, Casey clerks.

Our judge for show B is Ryan Harrah of AZ.

English Angora colored senior doe has an impressive coat.

Judge Ryan gives his comments on the English Angora colored senior doe, she goes on to win the all breed Reserve In Show later on.

Amanda works on the table for judge Ryan when the French Angora are on the table.

A French Angora with intense color.

The winner is the big coated French Angora colored senior doe that later goes on to win the all breed Best In Show.

Amanda waits for judge Ryan to five his placing.

The Satin Angora are waiting for their turns.

For a list of winners, go to:

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Show A Angora Judging at Stockton

Big Valley RA Show A Angora Judging:

Our show A judge is Cathy Szychulda, the ARBA Standard Committee Chair.

English Angora colored junior bucks are being examined by judge Cathy.    Courtney is working on her judge's license.

This little chestnut agouti English Angora junior doe and her mama Judi are coming to show for the first time.

The two tort junior does are being ranked for first and second.

There are two English Angora colored senior does.

And the first place English Angora colored senior doe goes to the one on the table and she goes on to win BOB.

After English Angora the French Angora are on the table ready to be judged.

Judge Cathy teaches Courtney on the French Angora texture.  On the table is the colored senior buck.

The chestnut senior buck is being checked on his underside.  Amanda is the table clerk.

No one can compete with this French Angora colored senior doe.

The shiny Satin Angora are on the table, Casey is the table clerk.  Both Casey and Courtney are listening to judge Cathy's comments.

Courtney gets fine points from judge Cathy.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Open Top Winners at Stockton

Big Valley Rabbit Association sponsors double open shows at Stockton on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

In show A, judge Doug King awards the Best In Show to Jeremy's Netherland Dwarf and the Reserve In Show to Chris's Holland Lop.

In show B, judge Melinda Anderson selects Carol's French Angora as the Best In Show and Betty's English Angora as the Reserve In Show.

Monday, May 06, 2019

Angoras Win Best In Show and Reserve In Show at Stockton

The two Angoras steal judge Melinda's heart!   In the Big Valley RA open show B, Carol's French Angora gets the all breed Best In Show honor and Betty's English Angora is a close second to be awarded Reserve In Show.

Carol's beauty BCG Rose Gold is being prepped for the Best In Show table.  Obviously the effort is rewarded with the Best In Show win.

Betty is working hard on Chu's Annisha too, a Reserve In Show win is pretty good.  It has been a while since the two Angoras get the top spot in the same open show.   In 2013 there were two cases of an English Angora winning the Best In Show and the French Angora winning the Reserve In Show.   This is a first for the French Angora winning the open Best In Show with the English Angora the open Reserve In Show in this area.

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Betty Prepares English Angora For Show

It's a familiar sight in a show that Betty is grooming her English Angora with a blower and a slicker brush.

The rabbit in the front always look bigger than Betty

English Angora is good natured to take grooming whichever way needed.

Some days Betty is almost invisible behind the English Angora.

It's such a shame that after all the grooming the English Angora is squished on the way to the show table.

Hard work is rewarded with a BOB win.