Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Melissa's Trip to Japan

Judge Melissa was in Japan from February 8 to February 14, had a great time.   She says,
"I had an incredible trip the Tokyo Japan. The Tokyo Rabbit Breeders were excellent hosts, lead by President Mariko Nio."  
The show was a single show held on Monday 2/12.
Best in Show netherland dwarf.

Reserve in Show Jersey wooly.


Melissa does a selfie in Japan.


How do you like sushi?


Friday, March 30, 2018

Youth Winners at Stockton

In the Benefit show at Stockton hosted by CRCS, show A youth Best In Show winner is a Lionhead and Reserve In Show winner is an American Fuzzy Lop.    This is the first time a Lionhead ever won a Best In Show in either open or youth.



Abigail's Satin and Mini Satin won show B youth Best In Show and Reserve In Show.

Show B Youth Best In Show winner.


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Chestnut and the Band Pattern

In the litter of the three brothers, two are cream.  One blue cream and one lilac cream as shown in the post yesterday.  The third brother is a chestnut.

According to the Standard of Perfection, the description of chestnut is:   "Surface color is a rich chestnut, ticked with black tipped guard hairs.  It shall have one or more intermediate bands of tan, alternating with slate, with a blue-gray undercolor".
This junior buck has rich chestnut color, ticked with black tipped guard hairs. 

It has more than one intermediate bands of tan, alternating with slate, with a blue-gray undercolor.
This photo is taken under the nature light with the wool gently parted.

This photo is taken with the aid of a blower to straighten out all the wool to show the bands.

This chestnut junior buck shows all the correct band pattern, a rare gem.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Blue Cream and Lilac Cream


Betty has a litter of three French Angora junior bucks.  The middle one is chestnut, the two on the either side are cream.
Can you tell the difference between the two cream color?

Betty and the two cream boys.   Though both will be listed as cream on their pedigrees, this picture shows very distinctive difference between the two.  The one in the front is a blue cream and the other one is a lilac cream.  

Cream is the dilute of fawn in Angora. 
Blue Cream: A-B-C-ddee
Lilac Cream: A-bbC-ddee
(In Netherland Dwarf, the dilute version is fawn and non dilute is orange.  Angora has adopted the cream/fawn name as early as in the 40s while the Netherland Dwarf breed was not accepted until 1979. )


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cake and Chat Time

It's almost Easter, Carolyn makes the Easter Egg cupcakes.


Carolyn, Carol and Casey take a break to chat.


Betty gets a turn to sit down with Carol and Casey during a break.


Monday, March 26, 2018

Sir Gridley is a Fan Favorite at Stockton

Carolyn has a great time with Sir Gridley, Mama Annette is proud of Sir Gridley.

Sir Gridley gives Carolyn a kiss.

Sir Gridley poses for a photo op.

Sir Gridley is curious what Betty has in her hand.

Sir Gridley says,  "Can I have your iPhone, Betty?"

Judge Tracy comes by to say Hi to Sir Gridley.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Franchesca is Still a Media Darling

Carol W. visited her grand daughters, she saw this National Geographic Kids March 2018 issue and saw Franchesca's photo inside.

Carol W. says, "So when I saw the magazine in an airport shop on my trip back from WA again, I took these photos."
Franchesca received her Guinness World Record in August 2014 and officially announced in September 2015.  It has been 4 years, her photos are still seen in the media off and on.    Franchesca is now retired from showing and have become a grandma and great grandma many times over.  She is still healthy and active, enjoying her leisurely life.