Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Casey's Kids: Cole and Bunnies

Here are some of Casey's favorite things: Homecoming of Cole and fat healthy bunnies.

It's spring break time at the university, Cole is home for a whole week. Three bunnies are growing like weed. Casey sends in the photos to share, she is enjoying the wonderful moments.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Twin Brothers?

Many of us are fans of Dancing with Stars.

Tracy sends in these two pictures and wonders whether professional dancer Jonathan and our favorite judge Armando are long lost twin brothers.

What do you think?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Maureen's First Homegrown GC

Our Ohio member Maureen has a very nice litter of four bunnies from Chu's Bruno and Chu's Marissa. The litter includes two bucks and two does.

The two bucks went to Lisa in Indiana and Maureen kept the two girls, Jaclyn and Farrah. Maureen named the does after the Charlie's Angels.

Since there were small numbers of English Angora shown in OH in the past couple of years, it took quite an effort to get legs in shows. It's considered a lucky day if there were one or two legs generated in each show in the entire breed.

Last Saturday, Maureen was very very happy. Jaclyn finally got her third leg after being selected the Best of Breed. Maureen can now send the leg certificates to ARBA for Jaclyn's Grand Championship.

The top two photos show Jaclyn after the show. The third photo is Poncho the cat who would like to share some spotlight. Poncho weighs 17 pounds and is perfectly squeezable.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chris Z. in Shows

We have not seen judge Chris Z's pictures on our blog recently. She has not been assigned to judge Angora for a while.

In two recent shows, we were able to get some of her photos judging other breeds.

The top two photos were taken at The Rabbit Club show in Stockton. Her judging table was next to Randy's and they had a good time chatting and joking with each other.

The third picture was taken at the Marin-Sonoma RA show in Santa Rosa. She is wearing an Angora scarf that she knitted from the yarn purchased from Betty. She has knitted many beautiful scarves by either using Angora yarn alone or by combining the Angora yarn with commercial yarns to create interesting color and contrast effects.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Barbi at Her Booth

Those who are active on Internet lists are very familiar with Barbi's posts and her website

There are lots of valuable rabbit information and supplies. The most popular link on her site is the treatment of wry neck; other popular items are her disinfectants and conditioning mix.

Barbi is one of our local exhibitors/vendors. She is regularly in shows with her son Kai. For those who are interested in what she looks like, here is a photo taken at her booth in a recent show. Barbi is at the left and Kai at the right with their friend Susan in the middle.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Russell and George

Russell goes to rabbit shows often. His mom is Judge Melissa and dad Ed does superintendent work at shows often. They are top breeders of Satin and Himalayan rabbits.

A couple of weeks ago, Russell's mom and dad hosted several specialty shows at their family ranch. Ed says, "This is a pic of Russell at our show. He is very proud of George and just couldn't understand that this wasn't a Rhinelander show. George still got to visit with everyone at the show. "

George was the youth Best of Opposite Sex Rhinelander at the ARBA Convention At Fort Worth last October.

The second picture of Russell and mom Melissa was taken at the Santa Rosa show in January when Melissa was judging English Angora.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Casey's "White Cat" and Tracy's "Albert"

The picture on the right is Casey's cat.

Casey says, "We call her White cat, but she has very little white on her. It's a joke now.

At the time she got that name because we had another that was all grey. There names were Smokey a Pricilla but ended up as Grey cat and White cat. The Grey cat died a long time ago. But White cat is still White cat.

Jeff's freind Cliff said "This is white cat? Well, I was expecting well, A White Cat".

It was very funny because up til then when had not noticed how little white she actually had, It was just her name. "

Tracy says, "This is our cat Albert. He's 8 years old. His name is Albert because we got him from a gal who had a box of kittens in front of Albertsons.

Recently, he's decided that he likes the neighbor's house better than ours, so he spends most of his time there. They must have better treats. "