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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Emilia Realizes the Dream of Motherhood

Emilia holds the record of winning all breed Best In Show. From September 2005 to June 2006, she won 13 all breed Best In Show and 5 all breed Reserve In Show.

After retiring from the show table, she expected to be a mother. She was heart broken that her first litter did not survive. She worked as a foster mother and helped to raise bunnies from other does. Second time was not a charm, she did not conceive. Finally she realizes her dream of being a mother; the third time is a charm.

Here are some of her cuties.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Bunnies, Happy Breeders

At the shows in Portola Valley, Betty and Casey showed off their juniors.

At the top, Betty stands behind her 9-week-old junior does. In the second photo, Casey shows off her almost 3-month-old white girls.

English Angora seems to be icy comparing to other breeds. Girls want to be ice princess and boys want to kissy kissy and be respectful to the girls' wishes. Several other breeders are having a hard time getting bunnies. Betty and Casey are certainly very happy to have these bunnies.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Social Security, A Play

The story of the play "Social Security" starts with an 80-year-old woman being sent to live with her daughter and son-in-law. She meets 100-year-old Maurice at a dinner party hosted by the daughter and her husband. They fall in love and develop a relationship.

Our readers may be wondering at this point, "What does a play have to do with rabbits and rabbit people? Where is this post going?"

Well, look closely who "Maurice" is!

Maurice is our good old Charlie! Well, Charlie is not 100 years old; his is old in the play and in that make-up.

He says, "The play ran in June at the Willits community theater. The first photo is of me and Marilyn McNair, who played Sophie Greengrass, my 80-year old love interest which just goes to show it ain't over till it's over. The second photo is of me transformed into the 100-year-old Maurice Koenig. Do I look old? The third photo is of the cast."

He continues, "The play was very funny and touching with a very happy ending. I loved playing the very old Maurice as it was a stretch as an actor for me. I look forward to doing more acting in the Mendocino area."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tracy's Cuties

Tracy has good luck in her Satin Angora breeding.

These are her 1-month-old bunnies that have very cool colors: opals, a lynx, and a copper.

How could anyone resist these cuties?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Franco's Cardboard Charka Spinning Wheel

We have seen drop spindles made from computer disks. Have anyone heard of a spinning wheel made from cardboard?
Franco has made one.

Some time ago, Franco took one to the show and showed it to the Camp Angora occupants. We watched it with interest, but unfortunately no one took a picture.

Franco made another one recently and took pictures. He sends in the photos to share with us.

The top photo shows Franco using the cardboard Charka wheel. The second photo shows the point of the needle with yarn spinning. The third photo is the single ply yarn that Franco spun with the Charka.

For more photos and instruction of making this cardboard Charka, go to

Monday, July 09, 2007

Cole is Twenty One!

Casey says, "Cole is 21!" Betty says, "I still remember that he was 5 when I first met him."

Where did time go? Cole is now officially a full-grown young man.

Over the years, Cole went to rabbit shows with Casey showing some of his own rabbits, doing home work in the showroom, skateboarding on the fairgrounds, ... Now Cole is about to graduate from UC Santa Barbara.

The top picture is Cole with his birthday cake; do we count 21 candles?

The second picture is Cole with his birthday treat, a lobster feast.

The third picture is Cole with his long time girlfriend Ashley who also had gone to rabbit shows many times.

Congratulations to Casey and Cole.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Polly, Now and Then

We saw Polly's picture in the 1995 ARBA convention yesterday, that was then. Now she is not too active in rabbits but she is very active in Angora goats and in the fiber circuit. Cyndie provided us with Polly's most current photos take at the Black Sheep Gathering in late June.

The first one is Polly at her booth; with Cyndie in photo two; and in photo three from left to right are Polly, Benny and Margaret.