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Saturday, November 25, 2017

David Freeman Receives "Hall of Fame" Honor

The highest honor in the ARBA is to be inducted into the "Hall of Fame".
At the ARBA banquet in Indianapolis, David Freeman is the newest inductee to the "Hall of Fame".

There are four living Hall of Famers: from right to left are: Cindy Wickizer, Tex Thomas, Glen Carr, and the newest member David Freeman.    Next to these four Hall of Famers are ARBA president Josh Humphries and executive director Eric Stewart.


Eric presented the Hall of Fame plaque to David, David's parents are extremely proud and pleased.


The four Hall of Famers with Eric and Josh again, and the poster showing David's accomplishments.


The entire ARBA board with David Freeman.


Friday, November 24, 2017

Ellen Bonde Received Distinguish Service Award

At the ARBA convention banquet, Ellen Bonde is enjoying herself, then she hears her name called.....

Domestic Rabbits editor Sandra Wight is at the podium detailing Ellen's contribution to the ARBA library.  Ellen spent weeks, days, and hours of her time staying at the library organizing, categorizing the collection all on her time and expense. 

Ellen is the recipient of the "ARBA Distinguish Service" award for her work with the ARBA Library.   From left to right are ARBA executive director Eric Stewart, Ellen and ARBA president Josh Humphries.


Ellen and Betty are the two recipients of the Distinguish Award his year.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017


Bunnies and the Northern California Angora Guild wishes everyone a

Hoppy Happy Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How Big Should a Carrier be?

When flying with rabbits, some has encounter the issue of the carrier compartment sizes.   More than one person had been turned down for allowing rabbits to fly because the airline cargo office consider the compartment being too small.  Airline regulations require that the animal being able to stand up and to turn around.     Wool breed exhibitors encounter such issues much more than others.
Nutcracker's coat is going toward the end, it's still pretty and dense but it's getting very hard to groom.   I'm getting ready to cut him down.  Before I cut him down, I'm showing how the wool could mislead others who are not familiar with wool breeds.

On the ground is a very small carrier; it is the same size as a compartment for airline travel.  
The dimension of this carrier is 16" x 8" x 12" with the 10" as the interior height.


Nutcracker is put into this small carrier, he looks like a 20 pound rabbit being stuffed into an itsy bitsy carrier.


Nutcracker is on the grooming table being cut down.


In the carrier is again Nutcracker who weighs 6-3/4 pounds with wool and 6-1/4 pound without wool.  See how roomy it is for him now that his wool is on the stool than on his body.

The wool acts like a cushion for the wool breed rabbits, it reduces the chance of injury in case there is a air turbulence .


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Angora Rabbits in Casio Commercial

Youth Angora breeder Anna Lang doing spinning demonstration.

Youth Angora breeder Anna Lang of Missouri has been active in the wonderful world of Angora.  She does well in ARBA shows, she spins and she also uses her rabbits as therapy rabbits to comfort residents in rest homes.   Recently she added another accomplishment, her rabbits starred in a Casio commercial that airs regularly in Japan:


Monday, November 20, 2017

Elephant Ears at Indy

At the convention showroom, there are a couple of food booths.   One of them has this big sign advertising Elephant Ears.   Those of us from the west have never heard of such a thing, so we got to try it.

The ingredients seem to be about the same as funnel cakes, flour, fat, loads of sugar and cinnamon deep fried.  The difference is that funnel cake is fried from runny batter so it's airy and light while the elephant ears is a deep fried solid dough, so it's dense and heavy.  Other than the texture, the taste is about the same.

Julia tries a small piece of elephant ears.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Heinold Photo Booth at Indy

It's customary to have photos taken at the Heinold Feed booth when one wins the BOB or BOSB. 

Betty with Chu's Fawnalisa, English Angora BOB.

Betty with Chu's Brighton, English Angora BOSB.

Betty with English Angora BOB and BOSB. 

The above photos were taken by judge Tonna Thomas, she has a good handle in catching the right moments to show off the beauty of the rabbits.