Northern California Angora Guild

Friday, October 21, 2005

Betty's Two Little White Does

The show scene in California has been halted when a lot of the judges and breeders are preparing for the ARBA national convention which starts tomorrow. No news or photos has been received in the last three days, I am indulging myself to post my juniors entered in the convention. Here are photos of my two white junior does. The top photo is BC5MA, younger sister of Chu's Mercedes and Chu's Marissa. The second photo from the top is BC13E, another littermate to the juniors with photos in the last two days. Mama Chu's Eldora has been the most productive doe this year. Of my 19 rabbits entered in the convention, 11 are her kids from two litters.

Both junior does are very cobby with good wool. They cannot compete with the senior does for big winnings at this time, but they should be top contenders in the spring shows next year. Hopefully our readers will read about their big winnings when the time comes.

Charlie and I will be leaving for Indianapolis this evening. We won't have the use of a computer during next week. This will be the last post until Friday October 28. Please check back to see the convention photos.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Betty's Three White Boys

Here are three photos of Betty's white bucks entered in the ARBA convention which is two days away. The top photo is Chu's Damon who is 8 months old. He is the littermate brother to Chu's Lexika, the Best In Show winner in the last show in Napa. Damon is a very small and cobby buck, he could almost pose as a junior except his coat is a matured adult coat. He suffered in the earlier showings due to his size but now he is finally catching up with a solid body and a prime coat and achieved the Grand Champion status.

The second photo from the top is BC16E and the third one is BC17E, two littermate brothers as well as the littermates to the two juniors feature in yesterday post. Both are very nice but cannot at this stage compete with the senior bucks. However, they are developing into their semi-adult coats at 5-1/4 months old, should be quite competitive in the convention.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Betty's Little Boy and Little Girl

On Tracy's website (URL on the right) there are photos of her "Magnificent Seven". What a great idea that she is posting photos of her entries to the ARBA convention. I have 19, it will be hard to post the photos of all. Photos of some of the Best In Show, Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex winners that are also going to the convention have been included in the previous posts in this blog. However, the juniors have never been featured. Here are photos of a pair of 5-month-old juniors that are flying to the ARBA convention in a few days. On the top is a chocolate tort junior doe BC15E, the second photo is her littermate brother chocolate tort junior buck BC18E. The little girl is going to stay with Betty, hopefully will be a contender for Best In Show when she grows up. The little boy will be moving to Indiana to be with the Duffy family to start a new herd.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Holly's Boys

Our Canadian member Holly sent in two photos of her favorite boys Rue and Plato. We have seen white buck Rue's photo a while ago. Needless to say, he is Holly's favorite one. In the top photo, chocolate buck Plato is making his debut in our blog. Plate and Rue have the same father, Chu's Vance. It's too bad that there are far less shows in Canada as in California. Holly is anxiously waiting for the next show in early November to show them off.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Charlie and the Giant Puppet

Charlie, NCAG president, participated in Willits Fest 2005 on September 24, appeared as a giant puppet. On the top photo, Charlie had a photo taken with the puppet. Each puppet is about 18 feet tall when fully up. It takes three people to operate one. Charlie was in the middle operating the head. In the second photo from the top, the person on the right operating one of the hands is Charlie's partner David. It was a whole lot of fun and people were really quite impressed with the puppets and performance.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Danielle and Melodye

Danielle is our youth member who breeds and shows French Angora. Her biggest win was in April 2005 when her rabbit won the Youth Best In Show in the Angora National. Danielle and mom Melodye are a good team, they travel to rabbit shows regularly. When Danielle started raising French Angora about 5 years ago, she was just an itsy bitsy little one, now she has grown in a beautiful young lady. When mom commented how tall she is, she kneels to appear shorter. What a riot!