Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Friends from Out Of State

A couple of weeks ago in Monterey, American Fuzzy Lop National was held. There were many out of town exhibitors whose photos had appeared on our blog.

We have some more photos to share. At the top, Betty is seen with Valerie from WA. Valerie is a judge but was an exhibitor on that day. Her major breed is American Fuzzy Lop and used to have English Angora. She has decided to go into English Angora again; she picked up a white English Angora junior buck from Betty.

In the second photo from left to right are Jane, Amy and Muriel. Jane and Amy used to live close to each other in CA before Amy moved to Maine; Muriel is the secretary of the national American Fuzzy Lop club and wife of judge Tom. She is from OR.

In the third picture, Betty is seen with McKenna in front of the Best In Show judging table. Joey is at the left corner waiting for his turn to be judged. McKenna's American Fuzzy Lop won the Best of Breed in youth competition at the AFL National.

In the fourth photo from left to right are judge Tom, Kaitlyn and McKenna. Tom was enjoying his nacho when this photo was taken. Both Kaitlyn and McKenna have American Fuzzy Lop and English Angora and both are from OR. Kaitlyn's AFL won the Best of Breed in youth competition in the 2005 AFL National.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Best Of Breed English Angora at the OH State Convention

Ohio State Convention is well known for the popularity among the exhibitors in the midwest and the east. Each year there huge entries; and there are usually many breed nationals held in conjunction with the convention.

Our Ohio member Maureen reports good news. Her doe Jaclyn won the Best of Breed English Angora at the Ohio State Convention last weekend. She only entered Jaclyn and her mother Chu's Marissa in the show and they took first and second then Jaclyn went on to win the Best of Breed.

Photo at the top show Jaclyn relaxing in her exercise area after the show.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

English Angora Winners at Stockton

In the triple shows at Stockton, different English Angora won the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex.

The first picture on the top is Chu's Melea that won the Best of Breed in show A and show B of the BVRA show. Melea is a white senior doe.

The second picture is Chu's Carrie that won the Best of Breed in the NCAG specialty show. Carrie is a colored junior doe competing in the colored senior doe class.

The third picture is Chu's Joey that won the Best Opposite Sex in BVRA show A and the NCAG specialty show. Joey is a little over one year old.

The fourth picture is Chu's Tyler that won the Best Opposite Sex in the BVRA show B. Tyler is 5-3/4 month old.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Satin Angora Best Of Breed Winners

Tracy has improved her Satin Angora tremendously. Her new white juniors are especially impressive; judges all commented that these white juniors carry very nice bodies. Though they are still very young and with a baby coat, the superior body type has enabled them to win over the seniors in most of the shows.

- - - -
The top picture shows judge Chris Z and Tracy with her white junior doe that won the Best of Breed.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

French Angora Best Of Breed Winners

At Stockton, BVRA held two all breed shows and NCAG held a specialty show. Three shows on the same day.
Carol W. two French Angora colored senior doe won the Best Of Breed in the three shows.
- - - -
The top photo shows Carol with Lacey, a chestnut agouti senior doe.
- - - -
The second photo shows Carol holding Lincoln, a fawn senior doe, that won the Best Of Breed in show B and in the specialty show.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Kimijo Judges NCAG Specialty Show

Northern California Angora Guild held a specialty show in conjunction with the Big Valley RA shows in Stockton on Saturday.

We were very fortunate to get Kimijo as our judge. This is one of the very few times that all four breeds of Angora are represented in the show. In the top picture, Kimijo is seen with the Best of Breed winners, from left to right are English Angora, French Angora, Giant Angora and Satin Angora. The English Angora chocolate tort doe was selected the Best In Show.

The English Angora is bred and owned by Betty. It is a 5-3/4 month old junior doe competing in the senior doe class. The French Angora is bred by Tracy and owned by Carol. Lincoln is a fawn senior doe, she came in a close second to the English Angora. The Giant Angora is owned by Tracy, it is an intermediate buck. The Satin Angora is a white junior doe bred and owned by Tracy; it has an excellent body and very young.

The two small photos are the Best In Show rabbit Chu's Carrie. These pictures were taken right after the show. Carrie also won the Best Opposite Sex in show A the previous week in Monterey when she was 5-1/2 months old competing in the junior doe class.
- - - -
It was a great judging, we learned a lot from Kimijo.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Big Winners at the Big Valley RA Shows

At the Big Valley RA shows yesterday, there were two different groups of big winners.

In the top photo, Chris Z's Holland Lop took Best In Show under judges Joey and Kimijo. The second photo shows Reserve In Show Mini Rex bred and owned by Randy and Allen. This is also the same rabbit that took Best In Show at the Monterey all breed show B.

In the third photo, Best In Show went to Cathy S.'s broken Rex and the Reserve In Show went to Carol G.'s American Fuzzy Lop. From left to right are Carol G., judges Sharon and Vern and Cathy S.

All the winners are also judges, but they are exhibitors in these photos.

Huge congratulations to all.