Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Home Art Exhibits At The Alameda Fair

What a beauty, for sure a home art Best In Show.

Spectators at the home art exhibit.

Yummy cookies.

Table setting contest.

Overview of the exhibit.

A beautiful quilt.

Cat lovers' display.

Chicken lovers' dream.

A doll house quilt shop.

An award winning quilt.

The main theme is the sunflowers.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Animals At The Alameda County Fair

Alameda Fair is one of the biggest county fair in No. California.

Nine-day old piglets with their mom.

4-H youth in the steer show.

Sheep on display.

Rabbit barn is full of people.

Little ducklings are for sale.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Scenes From Triple Shows III

Carol is a great mentor to Marian who started in American Fuzzy Lop less than two years ago. Marian won her first all breed Reserve In Show recently with her own rabbit a week ago and also won the BOB in Fuzzy Lop show A.

Carol's hubby Jim was exhausted after helping to set up the judging stations and doing all the BBQ, he is taking a nap next to the swimming pool.

Jenny and friend in front of the raffle items. Jenny does a great job in helping to run the raffle.

Muriel and Kendall with cutie pup Romeo. The house in the background is the Carol G.'s guest house that is totally independent of the main house.

Jersey Wooly club conducts club meeting under the tree.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Scenes From Triple Shows II

Susie C. with rabbit Susie.

Susie C. is now in the swimming pool with her friends.

The temperature is perfect for sitting under the sun and in the swimming pool.

Old man tree?

Jim with a visitor from Brazil who is a graduate student at Stanford Business School. The red t-shirt says "Stanford" in big Chinese prints and small English prints. Interestingly enough, our judge Kevin is a Stanford with relations to the Stanford family that started the university.

Tausha is loving this little baby Fuzzy Lop.

Tausha talks on the phone while daughter Christina looks on.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Scenes From Triple Shows I

Our gracious host Carol G. welcoming her guests in the morning.

Everyone is busy setting up or grooming in the morning.

Betty blowing her rabbit under a shade tree.

Lindsay setting up her cage stands.

The entire Menn family.

Casey with her tort doe.

Charlie, Casey and Alice chit chatting.

Alice holding Betty's BIS rabbit Susie.

Alice and Charlie sitting next to the pool.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Triple Specialty Shows At Portola Valley

Kevin from AZ judges in show A.

Left to right: Betty with Best In Show winner Chu's Susie, judge Kevin, Dominique with BOB French Angora, Lindsay with BOB Giant Angora and Danielle with BOB Satin Angora.

Carol judges in show B.

Left to right: Betty with Best In Show winner Chu's Susie, Danielle with her BOB Satin Angora, judge Carol, Elsa with her BOS French Angora, Dominique with her BOB French Angora and Lindsay with BOB Giant Angora.

Kim from IL judges in show C.

Left to right Kim with Lindsay's BOB Giant Angora, Lindsay, Betty with her Best In Show winner Chu's Katianna, Dominique with her BOB French Angora and Danielle with her BOB Satin Angora.

The much anticipated all wool show held at Carol G's backyard finally came. The temperature was perfect in the 70s, with lots of sunshine and a slight wind.

Our three judges are: Kevin S. from AZ. Carol G. from CA and Kim from IL.

In the three shows, Betty's English Angora, white doe Susie and tort doe Katianna, won BOB English Angora and specialty Best In Show. BOB French Angora went to Dominique, Giant Angora to Lindsay and Satin Angora went to Danielle in all three shows.

More photos will be posted in the next few days.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bonsai Exhibit At San Joaquin Fair

'Bonsai' is a Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese term "Pot Grown", but it's now a term for an art to grow miniature trees in containers.

At the San Joaquin Fair, there was a competition for the best Bonsai. Here are some photos of the Bonsai that took ribbons.