Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Shows at Napa

Most of the Angora breeders showed at the California Rabbit and Cavy Shows at Napa today. Napa is the center of the famous wine country in CA. The weather is cool and comfortable and the location is beautiful. It was a pleasant surprise that the shows were held in a nice indoor hall. Angora breeders took over the door way and the immediate outdoor area of one side of the building, chatting, grooming, spinning, knitting and needle felting.

The two judges for Angora today are Ray and Leslie, the two same judges for the Orland shows in September.

The top photo shows Ray judging French Angora while Tracy, Lindsay, Carol and Franco watching.

The second photo shows Leslie placing a white English Angora, Kim next to Leslie is recording her comments.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Armando, Newest Member of ARBA Standards Committee

At the Hanford shows, Armando reported great news.

The day prior to the show, he received confirmation notice that he is now the newest member of the ARBA Standards Committee. This is one of the most prestigious appointment for a judge. Armando certainly deserves this high honor.

The photo here was taken in a recent show with his wife Bonnie.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Little Boy's Big Surprise

On Saturday, in addition to the shows at Santa Rosa, there were double shows sponsored by the Central Valley RBA at Hanford.

There were 22 English Angora and 2 Giant Angora shown. Giant Angora is a rare find in the show circuit, at least in the Northern part of CA. It's very nice to see Cathy and Victoria came to shows with their English Angora and Giant Angora. The Best of Breed Giant Angora belongs to Cathy, picture shown.

The big surprise of the day is the Best of Breed English Angora in show A. Betty knows that she has a nice black junior buck but still did not expect him to win anything major. Little boy had a pleasant surprise, he went over all the big boys and girls and won Best of Breed in show A. Little boy is only 4-3/4 months old. He is shown in the top photo.

In show B, white senior doe Chu's Aloha took Best of Breed. Aloha has had a similar surprise when she was a junior. She went over all the big boys and girls and won the specialty Best In Show. Her win was reported in our blog titled "Little Girl Wins Big" in April.

Monday, October 09, 2006

More Scenes from the Santa Rosa Shows

Those who went to Santa Rosa had a great time.
In the top photo, Tracy shows off her Best of Breed Satin Angora and Best of Breed French Angora.

Melissa is picking the English Angora as the Best In Show in the second photo.

Casey in the third photo is smiling ear to ear taking her Best In Show English Angora off the table.

In the fourth photo, Brooke is judging French Angora while Tracy and Lindsay are watching.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Casey's Molina Wins Double Best In Show

Casey's big girl Molina has a wonderful day at Santa Rosa! She was the only English Angora entered in the show and she won the all breed Best In Show in both show A and show B.

This is Casey's first double Best In Show after 15 years of breeding and showing, and this is the first time she went to a show with only one rabbit. What an exciting day!

Top photo is Casey with show B judge Melissa and the winner Molina. The second photo shows Molina on the grooming table with her proud mama Casey.