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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blue Angel Will Say Goodbye to Her First Coat


On July 31, 2012, Dove gave birth to 8 French Angora bunnies at Betty's home.  There are 5 broken tort, one solid black, one broken black and one broken blue.

The broken blue little girl is named Blue Angel and she stays with Betty.

Blue Angel is a broken blue French Angora now 8 months old.

Blue Angel received her first Grand Champion leg at 11 weeks old.  When Meara took a short hiatus from shows, Blue Angel was fortunate enough to have been awarded BOB and got two senior Grand Champion legs,  thus eligible to gain the status of a Grand Champion.   

Blue Angel has a gorgeous body and good density but the texture is too babyish for a senior French Angora.  While the English Angora's first coat is treasured as the best show coat, the French Angora standard requires the wool to carry more guard hairs to be considered as a good senior coat.     Blue Angel is still in good coat condition, but in order to get her senior coat with more guard hairs, it is about time to remove her first coat.   

Blue Angel will go "naked" very soon.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Kerstin's Cute Package

Kerstin from New Zealand writes:
"I think this package is so cute.
Tom Bihn is a company that makes high quality bags in its own factory in Seattle. They are a bit of a different kind of company, being very approachable and close to their customers.
Someone in the packing department is very clever drawing pictures on the packages and his "box art" is now very popular with customers.
When I placed an order a few days back I mentioned that I breed Angora rabbits and if I could please have a bunny on my box..
This is what came in the mail. Even the postie had a wide grin on his face. I think he did a wonderful job! What do you think?
PS. I always wanted to know what an Angora rabbit is thinking! Thanks to Trevor we now know. :)"

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Allen Picks Nikon as Best of Breed at Texas Convention

Judge Allen goes to places all over the country and out of country judging rabbit shows.  When he sees nice Angora, he shares the photo and comments about it.  We appreciate his sharing.
Allen says,
"I had the pleasure of judging Angoras this past weekend at the Texas Rabbit Breeders' State Convention in Belton, Texas. There was a small but quality showing of both Satin and English. The Colored English junior classes were most plentiful in numbers and had some impressive young animals. All of the classes had very well groomed rabbits. The winner of BOB English Angora told me that the local Angora club was celebrating their 1st year anniversary as a chartered ARBA club.

Best of Breed went to a beautiful Colored Senior Buck owned by Caylie Voudren of College Station, Texas. He is 7 months old and his name is Nikon."

Nikon helps the local Angora club celebrate the first year anniversary of the club.


Caylie is Nikon's mom, she sends this photo that shows Nikon posed and groomed for photo-taking.   Caylie is a college student who has a very small herd of English Angora.  Nikon was purchased at the Wichita convention when he was a young bunny.  She keeps Nikon cared for and groomed well.  


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rita Peralta Remembered

News came that Rita Peralta, well-known for her Satin and her secretary work, had passed away in the afternoon of March 26, 2013.   Rita was diagnosed with Leukemia a few years ago but was responding well to the medical treatment until very recently.
 We are sharing some of Rita's photos that have been posted on our blog over the years.  We for sure will miss her smiling face in the shows.

This was how we saw Rita in most of the shows, working at the show secretary's table with a big smile on her face. 

This photo was taken at Watsonville, CA.

Rita and her husband Larry. 

This photo was taken at Red Bluff, CA.

Rita, Dolores and Jennifer working at the 2009 ARBA convention.

This photo was taken at Del Mar, CA.

Rita was also well-known for her colorful nails; look at her bright green nails.

This photo was taken at Reno, NV.

Showing off her blue nails, Rita was happy and at home in front of her computer doing the show secretary's job.

This photo was taken at Stockton, CA.

Rita's Satin won Best In Show and Reserve In Show regularly; here is a photo of Rita with her white Satin and Betty with her white English Angora being awarded the honors of Best In Show and Reserve In Show by judge Leslie.  Rita's Satin and Betty's English Angora were both Group winners at the 2003 ARBA convention, they shared the stage together with the two other winners.

This photo was taken at Chico, CA.

This was one of Rita's last appearances.  It was Allison's wedding last June, Rita was with her "Old Broad Squad" friends Casey, Leslie, Dolores and Tami.

This photo was taken at Napa, CA.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bye Bye Troy

Troy is the current president of the Rabbit Producers of Santa Clara Valley.   He and wife Jill are instrumental in putting the shows together.  He usually works as the superintendent of the show.  He is originally from Southern MN, now his family is moving toward that direction to Northern Iowa.   Jill has accepted a manager's position at a baby chick hatching facility and they have found a piece of land and house that they like and can afford.   Troy's West Coast Cage Company is also taking off, so he will be full time making and selling cage equipment and plan to start a commercial rabbitry in addition to their show rabbits.


Troy is here pre-checking the rabbits entered in the Pot-of-Gold contest.

Bye Bye Troy, we'll see you and Jill in the ARBA conventions.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Nice Prizes and Raffle

Rabbit Producers of Santa Clara Valley always make special prizes for the winners in their shows.


Their raffle table is full of nice items. 


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Timmy and Danielle Win Pot of Gold

The Rabbit Producers of Santa Clara Valley has a special contest called the Pot-of-Gold: an exhibitor selects one of his or her best rabbit and pays a $5 fee to have a chance to win a "Pot-of-Gold" of $100.  

Kathi on the right is in charge of the contest.    Judge Troy in the far left pre-checks any disqualification before the selection.   In the middle is judge Melissa who picks the winner of the Pot-of-Gold.


The happy winners are Timmy and Danielle with their $100 bill, judge Melissa picks their chestnut Jersey Wooly as the Pot-of-Gold winner.