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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Are They Or Are They Not?

The West Classic Shows had exhibitors traveling from all over, even as far as from Japan.

Matsushima flew his otter Netherland Dwarf from Japan and won Best Opposite Sex!

Masako and Matsushima had traveled to the shows in US quite a few times, including but not limited to the ARBA convention in MN.

The inquiry mind wants to know, "Are you boyfriend girlfriend?"

One said yes, but the other said no. Can you tell who said what?

Masako bought an English Angora during the West Classic Shows; she also bought a copy of our club Angora Handbook. Matsushima throws his hands into the air, oh........

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lucianna Wins Champion Of Champions

The crowning moment at the West Coast Classic shows was to pick the best rabbit out of all Best In Show rabbits during the entire weekend. Seven judges voted for their choices to crown the "Champion of Champions". Betty's English Angora Chu's Lucianna took the crown.

Champion of Champions: left to right are judge Briony, judge Travis, Betty with her winner Chu's Lucianna, judges Jim, Ruth-Ann, Stacy and Adam. Judge Eric is not in the picture.

On Sunday when all the open, youth, breed national and specialty shows are done, the best rabbit in each show are put on the table to compete for the title of "Champion of Champions" to be determined by the votes submitted by 7 judges.

From right to left are Judges Eric, Briony, Jim, Travis, Adam, Ruth-Ann and Stacy.

Judge Briony examining Lucianna.

Judge Ruth-Ann blows into Lucianna's wool.

Judge Travis checking on Lucianna.

In the background, judges Uno and Justin are preparing the tabulation board.

Judge Adam feels Lucianna's body.

Judge Stacy checks under Lucianna's wool.

Judge Jim feels Lucianna's wool.

Judge Eric examines Lucianna.

Left to right are judges Justine and Uno tallying up the votes of the seven judges. Of 20+ winner rabbits on the table, 6 rabbits received votes from the 7 judges; Lucianna is the only rabbit that received votes from all 7. The assigned points to the judges' ranking are: First place 6 points, second place 3 points and third place 1 point.

The final vote counts are:

First place: English Angora (second column) 30 points.

Second place: Jersey Wooly (first column) 23 points.

Third place: Satin (seventh column) 6 points.

Fourth place: Mini Rex (sixth column) 5 points.

Fifth place: American Fuzzy Lop (fourth column) 4 points.

Sixth place: Holland Lop (third column) 2 points.

The background of these 6 front runners are:
The English Angora is the BIS of all breed open show B, show C and two specialties.
The Jersey Wooly is the BIS of all breed open show A and the winner of JW National.
The Satin is the winner of the Satin Specialty.
The Mini Rex is the winner of the MR specialty.
The American Fuzzy Lop is the winner of the AFL National.
The Holland Lop is the youth BIS in show B and show C.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top Winners of West Coast Classic Youth All Breed Shows

Show A Youth Best In Show goes to Mini Lop MGM Molly shown by Kaitlynn who is not in the show room. Judges Ruth-Ann and Travis are pictured with the winner rabbit.

Youth show A Reserve In Show goes to Jersey Wooly shown by Gwen. Judges Travis and Ruth-Ann are pictured with Gwen and her rabbit.

In show C, judges Travis and Scott R. pick the Holland Lop shown by the Maki brothers as Youth Best In Show and a Satin Reserve In Show. The same Holland Lop is also the winner of youth Best In Show in show B while the YRIS is a Jersey Wooly. Photo of show B not available.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top Winners of West Coast Classic Open All Breed Shows

Pretty Lucianna wins:

RIS in show A, BIS in show B and BIS in show C.

Show A: left to right are judge Briony (KS), RIS English Angora by Betty (CA), BIS Jersey Wooly by Brian (TN) and judge Johnny (PA).

Show B: left to right are RIS Havana by Julie (CA), judge Eric (IL), BIS English Angora by Betty (CA) and judge Stacy (OH).

Show C: left to right are judge Adam (WI), BIS English Angora by Betty (CA), RIS Tan by Sara (CA), and judge Jim (FL).

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lucianna Wins Best In Show in NCAG Specialty Show B

Lucianna wins specialty Best In Show in specialty show B under judge Stacy.

Judge Stacy is radiant with glows of a bride; her wedding was just seven days prior to the West Coast Classic shows. The dedication of rabbit people is sure evident here, she travels across the country to judge rabbits the first weekend after her wedding.

Judge Stacy judges the colored junior doe class. Newspapers are used on the table to cover the shaving left from other breeds.

Judge Stacy gives comments on the colored junior does while exhibitors watch and listen.

Monday, April 18, 2011

West Coast Classic: Lucianna Wins 4 Best In Show and 1 Reserve In Show

The much anticipated West Coast Classic shows were held in the Grand Sierra Casino Resort in Reno. Betty And Allen at the sign before judging starts in the morning.

During the weekend, there were 3 all breed shows, Mini Rex National (900+), American Fuzzy Lop National (200+), Jersey Wooly National (200+), Havana National (300+) and a large number of specialty shows. The show room was huge but still very crowded with several thousands of rabbits.

Our club, Northern California Angora Guild, put on two specialty shows.

Judge Johnny H. judges the first NCAG specialty; he is comparing the BOV white and BOV colored English Angora to pick a Best of Breed.

Judge Johnny is one of the five youth breeders who Amy Do followed in "Rabbit Fever" from 2003 and on. We were thrilled to have a movie star as our judge.

Betty's English Angora colored senior doe Chu's Luicianna wins the show A specialty Best In Show.

Lucianna went on to win another specialty Best In Show, then 2 all breed Best In Show and 1 all breed Reserve In Show out of 3 all breed shows. Then she went on to win the "crown" of the weekend. Stay tuned.

From left to right, Betty with BOB English Angora, judge Johnny, Gabrielle with BOB French Angora and Katy with BOB Satin Angora.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sisterly Love

Two pretty sisters.

The two girls just love each other.