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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dominique And Her First French Angora

Five years fly very quickly for an adult; five years are an eternity for a child. Sisters Dominique and Elsa practically know French Angora all their lives.

Mama Gabrielle says,

"Our first FA was bought from Carol White almost five years ago. Dominique had just turned three and Elsa was 18-months old.

Dominique, age 3, holding our first FA doe. I can't remember if this was 1/17/04 at Santa Rosa or the following week, 1/24/04 in Orland. LCW's Onyx, who we called "Azure" was born on 12/16/03, and was mentioned in my article for the NCAG newsletter Matts and Fluff. Her littermate, LCW's Zircon, is the father to Dominique and Elsa's two grand-champion lilacs, bred by Lindsay Logan.

Below: almost 5-years later, Carol, Dominique (age 7) & Elsa (age 6) at Turlock 11/8/08."

Friday, December 12, 2008

Elsa, Natural Born Rabbit Lover

Mama Gabrielle says,

"March 13, 2004, Elsa is 20-months old holding Danielle Alicea's Jersey Wooly babies."

"When we got our first carrier cages in preparation of bringing home our first French Angora, Elsa had to explore them. Climbing in wasn't the problem. It was "How do I get out of here?" that was the problem."

"Today, when Elsa came home from school, she cuddled up on the couch with Pudge and started reading her the story of Peter Rabbit, making sure that Pudge could see the pictures."

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yumiko's Fuzzy Lop Wins Reserve In Show

Shortly after Allen returned from Japan, there was another show sponsored by a different club, Nippon Rabbit Club, held on Dec. 6, the same day when we were at Yuba City. The two judges were sisters Anna D. and Ruth D. from MN.

Yumiko reports good news, her American Fuzzy Lop broken senior doe won all breed Reserve In Show. Pictured at the top are the two judges and Yumiko with the beautiful Fuzzy. Carol G., pictured with Yumiko in the Fort Worth convention in 2006, is the breeder of this beautiful Fuzzy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Allen In Japan - Sightseeing And Friends

Moat at Emperor's palace in Tokyo.

In the big city of Tokyo, the subway is the fastest, easiest way around. Kevin S. is seen here on subway.

On our tour of Tokyo, I saw a woman struggling with the English tour guide. I thought to myself, "She could be French-speaking African..." I couldn't help myself, so I asked where she was from. Senegal!! We became instant friends and I translated the tour for her for the rest of the day. We spoke entirely in French. She could not believe that she met "some white guy" who knew about Dakar's tiny districts, local foods, distant cities, and even Wolof words!

I studied French in France this summer with several Japanese students. Ya Sushi (left) and I became great friends. He was so excited that I was coming to Japan that he came to visit me with his girlfriend Eriko (right). Eriko also studied with us in France. Our common language is French. Ya Sushi even came to Karaoke with us one night.

Buddhist Temple Facade. The signs and displays show the celebration of the 50th anniversary.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Top Winners In NCAG Show At Yuba City

Specialty Best In Show English Angora white senior doe Chu's Samatha.

Judge Carol and Elsa with French Angora Best of Breed winner Pudge.

Satin Angora Best of Breed winner Rios Meringue.

In addition to the two all breed shows, Angora exhibitors had another chance to show their rabbits. NCAG held a specialty show in conjunction with the NCRBA shows.

Betty's English Angora white senior doe Chu's Samantha won specialty Best In Show. Samantha also won the Best of Breed in show B in the all breed show.

In French Angora, Gabrielle says, "Pudge turned 6-months-old this past week, so the three shows at Yuba City were her first as a senior. She came to Yuba City with 5 junior legs and the goal of earning just 1 senior leg for Grand Champion. We were quite hopeful as Pudge had just earned BOB at both of the CRCS shows the week before in Lodi. Well, she didn't earn one leg, she earned three: BOV in Show A, BOSV in Show B, and BOB in the Angora Specialty. And to top it off, Elsa earned her first RIS in the Angora Specialty!" Elsa is pictured with judge Carol G. in the second picture. Elsa is holding Pudge like a baby, a very big baby indeed.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Top Winners In Show B At Yuba City

Open Best In Show winner Cathy S. with her white Rex.

Judge Gary from KS awards youth Best In Show to Jessica B.'s Himilayan. This is Jessica's first Best In Show win.

Judge Gary awards youth Reserve In Show to Netherland Dwarf shown by Megan M.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Aaliyah Wins All Breed Best In Show

Aaliyah poses for a photo shoot.

Judges Ray S. of CA and Gary M. of KS award Aaliyah the Best In Show.

Betty gets a big trophy and a check for the Best In Show.

Northern California RBA holds Christmas show in Yuba City. In the past, this show date included a single all breed show and several specialty shows. The club did not hold a show in 2007, and this year, the club holds double shows.

In show A, Betty's English Angora colored senior doe Chu's Aaliyah takes all breed Best In Show. Betty received her first all breed Best In Show in the same Christmas show sponsored by NCRBA in 1985. How time flies, it was 23 years ago.

This show is dedicated to the memory of Lou Gaschke, judge and long time volunteer in the club. Lou judged for the last time in the NCRBA Christmas show in 2005 and then retired his judge's license. Betty was very honored that Chu's Emilia received the Best In Show from him. Lou passed away in July 2007; he was missed by all. See