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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Betty Grooming French Angora at Portola Valley

Carolyn catches some moments of Betty and her French Angora.   In this picture Betty is grooming Indigo Girl.   Indigo Girl just made 5 months old, this is only the second time she is in a show.    

Indigo Girl did well at the show winning a leg from taking the first place colored junior doe in the first specialty show.

This is Indigo Girl's littermate sister Chocolate Dream.   

Chocolate Dream is slightly smaller than Indigo Girl but she did unexpectedly well at the show.  In the second specialty show, she won over her sister and took the first place.  Even bigger surprise in the open show, she went over the gorgeous and more matured senior doe to win BOB.   She has a bright future in the fall shows.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Betty Grooming English Angora at Portola Valley

Normally Betty is behind the camera taking photos for our blog; thanks to Carolyn, there are quite a few photos of Betty grooming her rabbits.   Here is a photo of Betty grooming Frieda.    Frieda is a mature doe, she was born in spring of 2018, now almost 1-1/2 years old.  During Frieda's younger time, cousin Annisha was so dominant that Frieda was constantly in the shadow.    Now she finally gets the chance to come to shows to be a contender.

Frieda being groom.

Frieda in the wind.

While Frieda won two BOB out of three shows, junior doe Elsia made an entrance to win one BOB under judge Josh.   Elsia is only 5-1/4 months old at the time of the show, she has a bright future.

Another photo of Elsia on the grooming table.

Betty is grooming Fawndella.  As her name suggests she is a fawn, and a preferred chocolate fawn.  She has very clean face and bright color.   She is in the senior doe class but being just 6 months old, she cannot compete with cousin Frieda's massive coat.

Fawndella has a bright future, waiting for her time in the light.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Open Best In Show Judging at Portola Valley

Judge Kellyjo and Masako discusses about the breeds on the Best In Show table.  The English Angora is out of frame in this photo, the Satin Angora has left early.

Masako checks on the French Angora BOB winner.

Judge Kellyjo checks on the English Angora BOB winner.

Masako checks on the American Fuzzy Lop BOB winner.

The Best In Show goes to Carol's American Fuzzy Lop and Reserve In Show goes to Melissa's Mini Satin.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Open All breed Show English Angora Judging at Portola Valley

Judge Kellyjo illustrates English Angora judging to Masako.  

Judge Kellyjo is checking the English Angora colored senior doe class while Masako is giving comments on a colored senior buck.  

Masako moves to the next colored senior buck.  Kate helps on table clerking.

Kathi takes pictures of Masako commenting.   Kathi is the talented graphic artist who puts out all the beautiful catalogs for the CRCS shows; she is also hosting Masako during her stay in the US.

The English Angora on the table all have full show coats.

Cassidy comes over to see whether any help is needed, Cassidy is fluent in Japanese.

Betty videotapes Masako working on the English Angora, the video is posted on Allen's The Rabbit Show FB:

The BOB English Angora goes to the colored senior doe.

For a list of show results, go to:

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Open All Breed Satin and French Angora Judging at Portola Valley

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows sponsor a single open all breed show at Portola Valley, CA on June 29, 2019.

The open all breed show judge is Kellyjo Younggreen of CO.   Masako flew in from Japan to do her "judge's assist".   Per ARBA rule, after a potential judge passes the written examination, there is a practical training requirement: assist and learn from experienced judges in 8 shows within a designated time.    Since there isn't as many shows in Japan as in the US, Masako flies into California to do 4 "judge's assist".   

After the lunch break, the open all breed show starts with Satin Angora.   Stephanie and Casey put the 8 Satin Angora on the table for judge Kellyjo and Masako to evaluate.

After the lunch break, the Angoras are due on the all breed show table.   It starts with the Satin Angora, Casey watches the judging.   Masako examines the rabbits with Cassidy helping with writing and translating.   Cassidy is also a judge and she is fluent in Japanese.    Joyce watches.

While Kellyjo is examining the Satin Angora on the right, Kate joins to help Masako.  Kate is a new judge who has just gone through the written exam and judge's assist and become a full fledge ARBA judge.   

The French Angora are on the table, Masako is between two judges: Kellyjo on the left and Kate on the right.

The French Angora on the table all have nice show coats.

Richard and Carolyn watch the French Angora judging.    Carolyn had English Angora in the 1970s but did not continue.   Now she's retired, she comes back to the wonderful world of Angora working on French Angora.

Kellyjo and Masako are examining the French Angora bucks.

The first coop on the left is the winner of the colored senior doe class, the second coop is the winner of the colored junior doe class, then the class winners of the colored senior buck and colored junior buck.    The BOB and BOS winners are the colored junior doe and the colored senior buck.     In Angora, it is allowed to "bump up", which means a younger animal can compete in the higher age class but not the other way around.  In this case, the colored junior doe and the two bucks are littermate brother and sisters that are 5 months old, one brother has been bumped into the senior class while the other two siblings stay in the junior classes.    Junior is defined as no more than 6 months old.   

Monday, July 08, 2019

Lunch Time at Portola Valley

The summer show and party including shows, friends and good food.    

BBQ meat are on the grill outside, fruits are on the table.     

There are also great desserts. 

Carol, Betty and Carolyn are showing off some good photos on the phones.

Carol, Betty and Lena.  Lena is growing so fast that now she is taller than both Carol and Betty.

Lena is very talented; while the show is going on, she painted a black English Angora.

Stephanie enjoys shows, friends, food and spinning.

Another Carolyn and hubby Richard are making acquaintance with Stephanie.    Carolyn is also a spinner.


Some take the chance to have fun in the pool.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Show B English Angora Judging and BISS at Portola Valley

Judge Josh works with English Angora after judging French Angora and Satin Angora.

On the table is the English Angora colored senior buck class.

Judge Josh comments on one of the colored senior bucks.

An English Angora colored senior doe is being checked.

Judge Josh comments on a young colored senior doe.

The winner of the colored senior doe class is the more matured tort doe.   Joyce had a knee replacement surgery a few weeks before the show, she had to sit down for a while when taking comments.

A young black junior doe is being examined.

Judge Josh likes the colored junior doe class winner.

This English Angora tort junior doe wins over the matured senior doe and receives the BOB honor.

Among the BOB winners of French Angora, Satin Angora and English Angora, judge Josh awards the specialty Best In Show to Carol's French Angora colored senior doe.