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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Chief Mouser

Found on the Net headline news in UK newspaper :

"He has faced accusations of chillaxing ever since he was appointed – not least because of his tendency to fall asleep on the job.
But it seems Larry the Downing Street cat is at last taking his duties as Chief Mouser to the Cabinet seriously.
After a barren year he leapt into action yesterday, and was found sitting proudly alongside a dead mouse outside No 10."

Larry goes in and out of the No.10 Downing Street.


 Larry is shown here stalking the corridors of power.


Larry, five, was recruited last February to rid No 10 of its rodent problem, but swiftly earned a reputation for napping rather than ratting.


Larry's encounter with a mouse.


Olly Grender, deputy director of communications at No 10, tweeted: ‘Just arrived at work. Larry the cat sitting proudly outside No 10 front door with a dead mouse next to him.’


Meet the chief mouser at Betty's yard: Nikki got her first kill one month after her appointment in 2010; she does her job well, the rodent population has been decimated.


After almost two years, the second-in-command mouser Mary Jane finally caught her first rodent.  She proudly displayed her rodent mustache to all.


Friday, August 31, 2012

Cake Competition at the Alameda Fair

The Alameda Fair celebrates its 100 year anniversary.  

It does not look like a cake but it is a cake.

Another cake shows the 100-year anniversary theme.


It's hard to top the this cake!


It's sweet but probably cannot compete with any of the other cakes that are more inspiring.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crafts at the Alameda Fair

Some beautiful skeins in the contest.

Some more skeins; the ones in the front middle are Angora skeins.


Is this implying that knitting is hazardous to your health?


A sample quilt.


It's for sure too warm to wear a dress like that during the fair season.


Monkeys see monkeys do.


This rug is very well made, the Siamese cat looks just like the photo at the right lower corner.


There are lots of cat lovers who enter in the photo contest.


It's not exactly craft but sure these look yummy.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kellie Pickler Concert At the Alameda Fair

The Kellie Pickler concert was held in July at the Alameda Fair. 

Before the concert started, big bird or big something greets concert goers.

There is not an empty seat in this concert.

The concert starts when Kellie came out in a patriotic t-shirt and jeans.


Kellie Pickler entered the country music world by being a top-ten-contestant in the American Idol.

Kellie is known to go all over the world to entertain the troops.


Kellie is a good singer but more importantly she has a totally positive attitude.  She grew up in a very dysfunctional family with a father who was in and out of prison and a mother who left when she was a toddler.   She was raised by her grandparents who love her and she maintains an optimistic outlook for life.


The concert was totally full; a huge screen was set up outside the concert area to allow fair goers to watch the show.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Found on the Net: Dog-shaming website

There is a new website where the dog owners send in photos of their dogs' misdeed at

It is hilarious; here are two samples:
He must be an Angora in his previous life.

Given the chance, Angora or any rabbit will follow his way.

Someone should start a Rabbit-shaming website and there have to be many funny rabbit misdeeds that would be posted.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Is Alvin a Chicken, a Rabbit, or Really a Cat?


Alvin's job title is chicken guardian.  Did he turn into a chicken at night?  He is perching on the ladder just like the chickens that he guards.

Or is Alvin really a cat?  Found on the net is an Alvin lookalike kitty.

What exactly are you, Alvin?


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Is There A Body Underneath?

English Angora exhibitors get the question of "Is there a rabbit underneath all that wool?" countless times.   

Komondor dog breed owners probably get this kind of questions often too.

This is a Komondor in a show coat.  This photo is taken from Wikipedia, the caption says that this is the Best of Breed Komondor in the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in 2007.  

Maureen gets a client who brings in her Komondor to be cut down.

Is that a dog or a sheep that Maureen is working on?

Now you know what a naked Komondor looks like.

Yes, there is a body underneath all that dread locks.