Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Northern California Angora Guild wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Paws Spreads Love And Joy

Surf dog Ricochet, the SURFice dog who raises funds and awareness for human and animal causes was surfing in a sea of toys as she delivered more than 3300 toys to Rady Children's Hospital on Wednesday. Donning a red "Surfin' Santa Paws" surfboard, Ricochet left a tidal wave of toys in her wake. Each year, thousands of children visit Rady Children's Hospital facilities and these donations will go a long way towards brightening a child's stay during a stressful time.

There was one more stop on Santa Paw's route, so she got back into her sleigh with her 5 lb little elf helper, Spike and headed north (toward the North Pole) where she delivered toys to Helen Woodward Animal Center. Helen Woodward Animal Center is a dynamic, evolving institution that is an agent of change for the animal welfare world. The toys will offer enrichment to orphan dogs and cats until their new families adopt them. Toys and treats were also provided to the birds, rabbits and horses.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Utah Rabbit Show

Roping and Rabbit shows at the same location, may be rabbits need to be roped?

Angora people travel heavy, other than rabbits, there are all sorts of equipment for rabbits and for spinning.

Baby English Angora will be good for showing and spinning some day.

Hat and mitten set made from Angora wool.

What a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Judge Johnny H. Visits CA

Johnny judging Checker Giant in Santa Barbara.

Johnny is one of the featured breeders in "Rabbit Fever", he is next to the producer/director Amy Do at the Heartland Film Festival.

One of Johnny's favorite moments in CA: eating at In-N-Out burger.

Allen and Johnny in front of the lush gardens of the Beverly Hills Hilton.

A scene at the play "Next To Normal".

Allen reports:

"New ARBA Judge Johnny Haussener came to judge for us at Santa Barbara. He is a senior at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania, majoring in theatre. He has performed in productions such as "Hair Spray". In fact, on Sunday in LA, we took him to see "Next to Normal" starring 2009 Tony award winning (for her role in this play) actress Alice Ripley. Johnny raised Red Rex, but is most "famous" for being one of the stars in "Rabbit Fever". You may not know his name (yet), but his big blue eyes are enough to make you never forget him! He had never been beyond Indianapolis, so he was excited to explore California. Despite constant rain, we were able to visit sites in Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, Santa Barbara, and West Hollywood. He admits that while the glitz and glamour of Hollywood were mouth watering, one of his favorite "Californian" moments was eating at In-N-Out! Everyone at the show in Santa Barbara enjoyed Johnny, and we hope he returns in the future to our shows. "

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Found On The Net: Can You Spin These Sheep Wool

Look closer, these sheep are made from old telephones and their wool are from old telephone cords. They are called the "Phony Sheep"!

They are on exhibit at the Frankfurt Museum of Communications; created by artist Jean-Luc Cornec.

Anyone wants to spin these sheep wool?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nippon Rabbit Club Two-Day Shows On 12/4-5/2010

Nippon Rabbit Club show starts with the traditional opening ceremony in Japan. The two in yellow aprons are our CA judge Doug and Fl. judge Jim.

Prizes for the winners.

Maiko's English Angora white senior buck is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Doug judging English Angora. Doug is a busy judge; he was in Japan on 12/4-5 then we saw him judging in Red Bluff the following weekend.

Jim judging English Angora. Maiko's white buck was entered in two of the four shows and won BOB in both shows; he received two legs.

Maiko with judge Jim and her winner Jersey Wooly.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Youth English Angora Breeder Turned Judge

In a few previous posts, three previous youth English Angora breeders were featured: Terri Smith of Wisconsin who is now a lawyer, just returned to breeding and showing English Angora; Lori Frank of Minnesota whose mom Audrey kept her rabbits going and then also involved Lori's daughter Katelyn in the breed, Lori is a Pharmaceutical Doctor who works in the development of new drugs; Kelly Johnston of Minnesota who won the youth Best In Show in the 1998 ARBA convention and now a dentist with her own practice, Kelly's mom Vicki also keeps the rabbits going when Kelly was in school.

Scott Rodriguez in the above photo was also an English Angora breeder when he was a youth. He is now a successful lawyer and also an ARBA licensed judge. He is now involved in Holland Lop but still loves English Angora. The two rabbits in the photo are the Best of Breed and Best Colored English Angora that he picked at Red Bluff last Saturday.

To breed and show English Angora requires regular grooming and maintenance. These previous youth breeders are now very successful professionals. Is it because of their personalities that are suitable for raising English Angora or raising English Angora taught them the discipline and drive to succeed in their professional life? Probably both. It's just very heartwarming to see the "kids" in the past now are very successful professionals and also still involved in rabbits.