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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Betty and Friends at Wichita Convention

The most fun of going to ARBA convention is to see all the old friends and make new friends.   Here are some of the photos of Betty with old and new friends at Wichita.

Left to right are Katelyn, Alicia and Deb, the 3-generation show team.

Brock is an accomplished English Angora youth breeders.  By the size, the young Brock is sure taller than Betty.

Lynn and Nichole, the mother and daughter team.

Betty is with another mother and daughter team: Lucinda and Miranda from FL.
Betty, Charlotte and little Cayden.

Nate is a great judge and his American Fuzzy Lop is the BOB winner in the convention.

Left side of the table are Sue, Judy, Phil, Caroline, Katelyn, Alicia and Charlie; the right side of table across from Charlie are Deb, Betty, Edward, Mary and Mary's other half.

The big group of people are enjoying a nice dinner at the little Vietnamese restaurant.  


Friday, November 02, 2012

Taking a Break from the Convention Showroom at Wichita

River Center bridge.

Angora breeders look at the almost dry river bed.

The round building on the left is the convention center that is used as showroom; the right tall building is the Hyatt Hotel.

Another view of the headquarter hotel Hyatt.

A yarn shop named "Twist" is found in the old town Wichita.

Angora breeders go into the yarn shop to take a look.

The yarn shop window display.

Caroline, Denise, Deb, Alicia are looking at the yarn displays.

The selection is somewhat limited.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Four Angora Breed Youth Top Winners at Wichita

Youth English Angora BOB, Matt B., went on to win Group.

Youth French Angora BOB, Edward W.

Youth Giant Angora BOB, Madison S.

Youth Satin Angora BOB, Madison S.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from ARBA Convention at Wichita

At the convention headquarter hotel Hyatt, there is a pumpkin decoration contest.

Sunflower and chef.

Two carved pumpkins.

Stabbed victim? Big pumpkin with baby pumpkin?

Sponge Bob and beverage server?
Rabbit ears on a  black spider, rabbit breeders like the ears.
Which one is your favorite?  Hyatt wants to know.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Four Angora Open Best of Breed Winners at Wichita

BOB English Angora, Linda C., went on to win Best In Show.
BOB French Angora, Charlotte S.
BOB Giant Angora, Ashley S. 
BOB Satin Angora, Caroline W.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Allen Judges Angora

It's the judging day.   Judge Allen is the judge for Angora at the convention.  He was contracted back in 2007 right after he received his judge's license, it's a 5-year wait to get him to judge.

The National Angora club advises exhibitors not to be close to the judging tables.  These photos were taken at a distance; those who are watching all had to stand very far back thus not showing up in the photos.   

The four breeds of Angora are judged in a rotating order.  This year, the order was :Giant/Satin/English/French Angoras.     Betty was busy grooming when the Giant Angora and Satin Angora were being judged.   These photos were taken toward the end of Allen's judging of English Angora.

Allen is placing the top four white senior does.

The BOV and BOSV white and colored English Angora are selected. The two BOV rabbits are competing for BOB and the two BOSV rabbits are competing for BOS. Judge Allen is checking all four before he announces his decision.

                 The BOB English Angora is a blue tort senior doe.

       The colored junior French Angora junior does are on the judge table.


Judge Allen has selected the BOV colored and white French Angora.  He is deciding on the BOB.   The BOB goes to the sable senior doe.

The French Angora colored junior doe is a close contender.  Judge Allen commented that she has the best body and density but lose to the senior doe due to maturity.     This doe sure will have a bright future on the show table.

Youth Angoras are judged after open.  Nichole is very happy to be the breeder/owner of the BOS English Angora.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Witchita, Here We Come

Here is Betty's report from the ARBA convention in Wichita.  It's more than 1600 miles of one way from Morgan Hill to Wichita.  Betty and Carol G. were on the road for two days to get to the show room.  Betty is happy to report and they arrived safely.   While on the road, there came a tragic news from the "northern route" traveler: A car accident claimed the life of a mother and injured the daughter when their car hit black ice in WY.   It's hoped that everyone will travel safe and sound on the return trip.  

Driving from CA through AZ, NM, TX, OK into KS involves a lot of "nothing".  There is almost nothing for miles and miles and miles except the road and the dried weeds.

Coming from CA, seeing 3.25 per gallon regular gas is like seeing a miracle; has to stop to get some.

Betty's van is packed to the ceiling, view from the side.

View from the back.

View from the other side.

Some people just cannot spell, no matter how big the event is.   We are showing "Argoras".

An attempt to make "Argoras" into "Angoras".

English Angora isle.

French Angora isle.

Satin Angora isle.

Grooming area view 1.

Grooming area view 2.

Grooming area view 3.