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Saturday, April 05, 2014

What Does Betty Have in Common with Doris Day?

Doris Day has just celebrated her 90th birthday.   Learn from Parade Magazine that in 1958 she appeared in the original "I've Got A Secret", it was the only TV appearance before her own TV show that ran 1968-1973.   She is also a very well-known animal lover who formed several charitable foundations for animals. 
Betty cannot claim to fame for any show business or being 90 years old, but she has in common the love for animals and appearing in the revived "I've Got A Secret" in 2006.   See the video on


Friday, April 04, 2014

Identical Twin Brothers

This is fawn boy Fleming.

Fleming's brother Fletcher looks just like Fleming.

The twin brothers, which one is Fleming and which one is Fletcher?


Another guess, which one is Fleming and which one is Fletcher?


Thursday, April 03, 2014

Beautiful Wisteria

Recent rain relieved some of the drought condition in CA.   Wisteria in Betty's backyard are blooming beautifully.   


Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Betty's Two Good Girls: Franchesca and Ida

Franchesca on the right and Ida on the left traveled well with Betty to and from Chicago.  Two plane rides in two days, neither showed any sign of stress.

Franchesca in the backyard at home.

Ida sitting pretty at home. 

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Melissa and Lena are Best In Show Winners at Grants Pass

Melissa's Mini Satin wins open Best In Show often, Lena's Himalayan wins youth Best In Shows often as well.   Mother and daughter are frequent Best In Show winners.   

On Saturday, Melissa and Lena went to Grants Pass, Oregon to attend the Pear Blossom show and both showed in open.      Melissa says, "First time for Lena and I, Best in Show open A was Lena's Blue Himalayan Magee's Blistex. Best in Show B open was my white Mini Satin Magee's Spotlight. And Lena won Reserve In Show in B with the same Himi."

Pictured above are judge Jeff J. from WA with Melissa and Lena.  

Congratulations to Melissa and Lena!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Betty's Fun Trip to Chicago: The Capable Producers

Dorothy and Julie are the two producers working on my segment.
Chelsea is the coordinator for the guests' travel plans.   Franchesca is relaxed but Chelsea is not,  she is afraid of any animals including rabbits.

Earl is the wardrobe expert, he decides whether the guests are wearing the right colors for the taping.
Hint: mine is not.  

Jock tapes a short film of Ida and Franchesca to be inserted into the segment.
Even this producer is not working on my segment, she wants to hold Ida and Franchesca.  

I am being worked on by the make up and hair experts; no amount of work can make this old lady look any different!    Luckily the "star" is Ida and Franchesca, not me.

This is the set before any audience arrived.  The table in the middle is where Ida and Franchesca are to be placed.

Some may ask, "Betty, what talk show is it?"

My answer, "Before the air date is set, I am not allowed to say much.   I am sharing my experience without mentioning the name of the show.    The air date is expected to be some time in April.   As soon as I receive the information and the OK to share, I will post more photos and announce the show date and time.  It's a national syndicated show broadcasted on a TV network".


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Betty's Fun Trip to Chicago: Going to the "Green Room"

It's hard to find a place to groom and blow in the hotel, a turntable on top of the covered toilet seat will do for Ida.

Franchesca waiting to be groomed; it's not dignified to be groomed on top of a toilet seat but there isn't a better alternative.


All packed up and getting ready to leave for the studio.

Arriving at the "Green Room" that is not green.   It's just a TV production jargon of a guest waiting room.

There is a close circuit TV set that shows the taping in the studio.


Franchesca and Ida are patiently waiting to get out of their carrier.


Julie is the producer for my segment; she also worked on "I've Got A Secret" back in 2006.   It was good to see her again after 8 years.