Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Munchkin Bunnies

At the Red Bluff show, there was this unusual looking bunny.

It does not look like any of the 49 accepted breeds, the legs are very short.

If you don't look at the legs, it's kind of like a Havana.

The legs remind us of the dog breed Corgi, very short and stubby. 

We were told that these come from pure breed Havana.   It's a recessive gene in the Havana breed.  
There are a few breeders who are planning on taking out a Certificate of Development (COD) to make it into a new breed.

The COD is not yet official, whether it'll be a success remains to be seen.  The COD process takes at least 5 years to get through.

Friday, December 28, 2018

International Friend Alaa Aljamal

Allen has a rabbit friend Alaa Aljamal from Saudi Arab visiting his farm a while ago.

Alaa visited a show during his stay in CA and had a photo op with Betty.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Betty Attended 32 ARBA Conventions Consecutively

In the ARBA convention result book, there's a photo of Betty taken by Kevin of the Show Pro program and of KW cages.   Yes, Betty has attended 32 ARBA conventions consecutively.  Good showing or bad showing, Betty was there without fail.

Here are the 32 convention locations attended:

1987 Portland, OR.
1988 Madison, WI.
1989 Tulsa, OK.
1990 Tampa, FL.
1991 Pomona, CA.
1992 Columbus, OH.
1993 Tacoma, WA.
1994 Tulsa, OK.
1995 Louisville, KY.
1996 Peoria, IL.
1997 Madison, WI.
1998 Portland, OR.
1999 Louisville, KY.
2000 Columbus, OH.
2001 San Diego, CA.
2002 Peoria, IL.
2003 Wichita, KS
2004 Providence, RI.
2005 Indianapolis, IN.
2006 Fort Worth, TX.
2007 Grand Rapids, MI.
2008 Louisville, KY.
2009 San Diego, CA.
2010 Minneapolis, MN.
2011 Indianapolis, IN.
2012 Wichita, KS.
2013 Harrisbur, PA.
2014 Fort Worth, TX.
2015 Portland, OR.
2016 San Diego, CA.
2017 Indianapolis, IN.
2018 West Springfield, MA.

Looking forward to convention #33:
2019 Reno, NV.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

William Penn, Oldie but Goodie

HGF William Penn is an opal French Angora buck.  He was born in PA but moved to CA when he was a little over 3 years old.   He has been a transplanted CA resident for over 2-1/2 years, enjoying the green lawn all year round.   

At 5-3/4 years old, he is still as healthy as he could be.  He is in the background of many French Angora when he was in PA and he is still meeting lady friends.     Around his 5th birthday in March 2018, he had dates with two lady friends on the same day, they made 21 babies!

He stands up for treats and runs in the exercise pen...

… he is an oldie but definitely a goodie.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

Northern California Angora Guild wishes everyone

A Very Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Carolyn's Bunny Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree, a Christmas tree, a bunny Christmas tree.

A bunny tree ornament.

Bunny in silver and gold.

Carolyn has a good collection of glittery bunny ornaments.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Huge Christmas Show Weekend in Michigan

The Christmas is coming in two days, there isn't any shows going on this weekend.   We have some very happy and joyful photos from the huge Christmas Show in Michigan to light up our Christmas spirits.

Why is this cute Holland Lop dressing up?  It's The Christmas Show!!!

It's a rabbit show, would you believe there are live reindeer in the showroom?

David and son Wyatt are enjoying the Christmas spirit.  Wyatt loves Christmas so much that David conceived the idea of a giant show with elaborate decorations, even reindeers.    It has been a huge success that attracts exhibitors all over the Midwest.   Now it's a must-go show during the winter.

Kids love Christmas.

Our French Angora extraordinaire Eric dresses up to judge.

We spot Gabe among the happy exhibitors.

The family is so happy to have won the Christmas tree contest.

The Elf could not come in flesh but came in the cardboard form.

Our CA judge #1001 Misty debuts her judging at the Christmas Show.

A happy dressed up rabbit and its little human.

The happy Fuzzy exhibitors come from all surrounding states and their judge Todd.

David puts on his festive Christmas sweater to have a photo taken with his fellow rabbit judge Pam and their little friend.  Pam is so dressed up that it's almost unrecognizable.   

Happy faces at the Christmas Show.

Kids wear their Santa hat watching the judging.