Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Avonah Enjoys Spring

Sevenah's little sister Avonah is following big sister's step doing well in the show circuit.

Though Betty is taking a break from shows, she is still keeping Avonah in perfect shape. Other old girls are having fun on the lawn during the gorgeous weather, full-coated Avonah has to sit on the grooming table to enjoy the sun and the breeze.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Allen Makes a Birth Annoucement

Cali "smiling" in the spring wild flowers on our farm on Black Mountain in Tollhouse.

Cali with her three pups.

Sleeping pups.

Look at that full tummy!

Allen says,

"California rabbit shows' favorite dog is now a mom!

Cali Shumaker-Mesick had 3 fat, healthy babies on February 23 beginning at 12:10 a.m. Randy was on his way home from the airport in L.A. that evening/morning. I had gone to bed in attempts to get sleep before the Turlock/Del Mar show weekend, but woke up every hour to check on Cali. She was due on the 23rd, and we feared she would have them while we were judging in Turlock. But, Cali had them just a few hours before we had to pack up and leave for the show. Needless to say, I did not sleep for more than an hour. But, I was very thankful that Cali had her puppies safely and with me by her side. She had two boys and one girl.

Brooke Baldwin's brother has already asked for one of the boys, and we are pretty sure Muriel and Tom Keyes will become proud parents of the other boy.

As for the girl... she's destined for rabbit shows, Colored Angora Goats, sassy calico barn cats, endless miles on the rabbit show road, and beautiful Black Mountain in Tollhouse!"

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Maureen's Day AT the Show

Maureen had fun in the show in Ohio last Saturday.

Photo one is judge Roger evaluating Too Sexy that won Best of Breed. The second photo is bunny's first taste of going to shows. The third photo is Farrah that won the Best of Variety. Farrah is mom of the bunny in the second picture. She certainly looks good only 10 weeks after her maternity leave.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Caley and Jessica Win Big At Michigan State Convention

Caley and Jessica attended the Michigan State Spring convention this weekend and really cleaned up with G.C Bbeary's Calliope!

Calliope is a daughter of Chu's Elenna. Calliope got BOB in the open and Specialty shows, she also got best Overall angora wool and Best in show open Angora Specialty Show against some very worthy competition. Their other English Angora also won BOS, BOV and BOSV; basically they won the whole thing!

Congratulations to Caley and Jessica. Pictured are Jessica and Calliope.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cindy's Pygora Goats

Pygora baby.

Pygora mom and baby.

Type A fiber.

Type B fiber.

Type C fiber.

We are all familiar with Angora rabbits and Angora goats. There is another type of fiber goat that is somewhat a smaller size Angora goat - a cross between Pygmy goat and Angora goat - Pygora goat.

Cindy K. used to be quite active in showing English Angora in the east coast. In recent years, she has reduced her English Angora herd and started raising Pygora goats. Pygora goats also produce nice spinning fiber. Due to the different genetic make up from Pygmy and Angora goats, the fibers produced by differentPygora goats could be very different. The Pygora goat association has three classifications of these fibers: Type A, Type B and Type C. The texture of type A and B fibers are similar to Mohair while Type C fibers are finer and have more crimp.

The top two photos are pictures of Cindy's mama Pygora and baby Pygora. The three fiber photos are found on the Pygora goat association website.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Old Girls Just Want To Have Fun

After weeks of rain, No. CA is now having glorious weather. It's in the high 60s, warm sunshine with comfortable breeze.

Betty's retired old does are given the chance to come out to exercise and social with each other. The combined age of these five old girls are over 30 years old.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Angora At Colorado State Convention

Randy judges at the CO state convention on Satuday. Here are the winners of four breeds of Angoras:

Top photo is Kellyjo Youngreen who won BOB Satin Angora.

The second photo is Debe Bell who won BOB Giant Angora.

The third photo is Michiele Jones with her BOB French Angora.

The fourth photo is Glen Mcmurl with his BOB English Angora.

These photos were taken by Randy's iPhone. Thanks, Randy.