Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Hensley Family

Tehama Butte Rabbit Club has been putting on shows for a long time. About 16 years ago, the Henley family started to help put on the shows in Red Bluff in December, then they gradually got involved in more jobs with the show. During the past weekend, Floyd worked as show superintendent, Patty, Brandon and Tamara worked at the awards and food tables.

A few years ago, Patty experienced health issues that took three years to be diagnosed correctly; doctor advised them not to be involved in rabbits anymore. Though they have gotten out of raising rabbits, they are not willing to get out of seeing old rabbit friends. They decided that they would keep their ARBA membership and continue to put on shows in December to see all the old friends. We are very grateful that Floyd, Patty, Brandon and Tamara still work so hard to allow us to see them and have a great time at their shows.

The TBRC shows used to be a single-day show, then Randy and Floyd made the decision to cooperate to have the TBRC shows on Saturday and CRCS shows on Sunday. With four all breed shows and some specialty shows, exhibitors are coming as far as WA, OR and So. CA in addition to the regulars at No. CA.

Talking to Floyd, we found out that he was a Navy seal who served our country ably and honorably. He was injured in the "Operation Urgent Fury", alternatively called the Grenada Invasion in 1983. If one wonders why he is sometimes limping, the old injuries would act up especially when the temperature gets cold. Brandon and Tamara are their two children; Floyd and Patty are expecting to be grand parents as Brandon is expecting to be a dad very soon. Tamara is studying to become a nurse.

They are such a wonderful family and we are very fortunate to have them to treat us to a wonderful weekend in Red Bluff each year.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Adam Will Be A Judge Soon

Adam flew from Wisconsin to California to work on the last two shows of his judge-apprenticeship in Red Bluff. He worked with judge Doug on Saturday and with judge Randy on Sunday (photo above). California has the show schedule as well as the great judges to offer, Adam followed several others who flew in to complete their requirement to becoming a licensed ARBA judge. Needless to say that Adam passed the requirement in flying color; the last step is to go through the paper work to receive his license. The next time we see him again, he will be judge Adam.

After completing his last show as judge-apprentice but before he officially receives his license, Adam was invited to judge the Best of Best In Show. Betty's English Angora fawn senior doe Chu's Fawnella was very fortunate to have gotten Adam's first pick.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three Top Winners In The Family

The last show weekend of 2010 in Northern California proved to be a good weekend for the Magee family. Daddy chauffered mommy Melissa and two kids and their rabbits to the show. Each won a top honor in their chosen breed: Lena won youth Best In Show with her Himilayan, Russell won Reserve In Show with his Californian and Mama Melissa won Reserve In Show with her Mini Satin. It sure was a good weekend for the family.

Little Lena took youth Best In Show in the second show on Sunday.

Big brother Russell took youth Reserve In Show in the second show on Saturday.

Mama Melissa took open Reserve In Show in the 2nd open show on Sunday.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top Winners In CRCS Shows On Sunday

Judge Ray in the middle awarded the Best In Show honor to Ron's Californian and Reserve In Show to John's French Lop in the first show.

Betty's English Angora took Best In Show and Melissa's Mini Satin took Reserve In Show under Judge Allen in the second show.

Judge Kevin judged the second youth Best In Show, the winner is Lena's Himalayan and Reserve In Show went to the Holland Lop. The Best In Show in the first show went to a black New Zealand.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top Winners In TBRC Shows On Saturday

In the first show at Red Bluff on Saturday, Judges Jeremy (L) and Doug (R) awarded Best In Show to Ashlee's Californian and Reserve In Show to Tami's French Lop.

In the second show, judges Scott(L) and Bruce (R) picked Tim's Netherland Dwarf as the Best In Show.

Judy's Mini Rex took Reserve In Show in show B. Judge Bruce at the left and judge Scott at the right in this photo and Judy is holding on to her Mini Rex.

Judges Ray (L) and Leslie (R) picked Katealyn's broken New Zealand as Best In Show and awarded Reserve In Show to Russell's Californian.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fawnella Wins Best Of All Breed Best In Show

It has been a fun filled weekend at Red Bluff, CA. On Saturday Tehama Butte Rabbit Club put on two open and two youth all breed shows, then there were numerous specialty shows going on at the same time. On Sunday, California Rabbit and Cavy Shows also put on two open and two youth all breed shows plus some more specialty shows. Judges had different tastes, the winners of Best In Show and Reserve In Show were all different. Since this is a blog of an Angora club and that the Best of Best In Show winner is an English Angora, so the report starts with an Angora win. Photos of other top winners will follow.

Fawnella on the grooming table.

Judge Allen picks Betty's English Angora colored doe Fawnella Best In Show and Melissa's Mini Satin Reserve In Show on Sunday afternoon.

New judge-to-be Adam flew in from Wisconsin to work on the last two shows for his judge's license. He was asked to pick the one that he considered the best from the Best In Show rabbits of the day and Fawnella won over the other Best In Show rabbits to receive this honor.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

English Angora And French Angora All In The Family

Alicia and Deb, top breeders of French Angora and English Angora.

Another generation of Angora breeder is born, Katelyn joins mama in the convention.

Katelyn and Katelyn, both third generation of Angora breeders. Katelyn at the left is Alicia's daughter and Katelyn at the right is Lori's daughter.