Northern California Angora Guild

Friday, December 02, 2005

Leslie judges All Four Breeds of Angora

Leslie is our other judge in Lodi on Saturday. Pictured here are Leslie examining the French Angora with Tracy writing down the comments.

Leslie is a top breeder of Silver Marten and does a very good job in judging Angora. In addition, Leslie also serves as show secretary in many shows, though not this particular one.

We always see her with a smiling face regardless how hard it is to run from the judging table to the secretary's table to take care of matters. We appreciate her sense of humor and the contribution she gives to our show scene.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ray Judges French Angora

Ray is one of our favorite judges. He is a good judge, friendly and fun. He breeds some wonderful Rex and Californian. In the first photo, he is blowing into a chestnut agouti French Angora junior bred by Tracy. He raves about the junior's type, wool texture and the ring definition. He feels that this is going to be a rabbit to watch in a few months.

In the second photo, Ray is giving comments with Tracy doing the clerk duty.

We always have a good time when Ray is behind the table.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Three "French" Ladies

Three of the major French Angora breeders are pictured in today's entry. From left to right, Tracy, Lindsay and Carol. Our area is blessed with nice people and friendly competition. The three "French" ladies get along extremely well. They work with each other to improve the breed, they encourage and support each others' activities.

In Lodi, Carol won Best of Breed French Angora with a colored senior doe bred by Tracy. Lindsay won Best Opposite Sex. Tracy also has Satin Angora, she won the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex of Satin Angora. Tracy's juniors were raved by judges. More photos to come.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mercedes Wins Best In Show Again

Betty's gorgeous English Angora white senior doe Chu's Mercedes did it again! She won all breed Best In Show last Saturday in Lodi. This is her 7th all breed Best In Show win within a 4-month period of time. What else can one say, she is a beauty.

The show in Lodi was very well attended. Some were worried about the timing being just two days after Thanksgiving, whether people were ready for a show. This is exactly what the doctor ordered, lots of exercise in the show room walking from one end to the other. The show was so crowded that rabbits and cavies were spilled into the parking lot. The weather was sunny but cold and windy, a perfect day for Angora wear. Many breeders of other breeds discovered the value of Angora scarves and hats.

More results about French Angora and Satin Angora to come.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Tribute to Chie

The wonderful world of Angora lost a dear friend. Chie Yoshida passed away this morning in Japan.

Chie had been a tireless promoter of English Angora in Japan since she purchased a pair from Betty in the 2003 Wichita convention. The buck was the white junior buck class winner, Chu's Bambino. The doe was a GC white senior doe Chu's Tarika. Chie won shows with them in Japan, and then in 2004 Providence convention, she acquired another GC tort doe Chu's Ashelle from Betty. Chie with Bambino and Ashelle were featured in the Japanese TV program on Fuji TV, the bunnies from the pair was on the cover of the premier rabbit magazine in Japan.

The top photo shows Chie with her favorite rabbit, Chu's Bambino. The second photo shows Chie with Tarika, and the third photo shows Chie with Betty in the Wichita convention in 2003. The fourth photo shows her bunnies being featured in the cover of a premier magazine.

Chie was also a very talented artist who specialized in "Bizenyaki" Japanese style pottery.

Chie and Betty maintained a very close friendship, many others also knew her well by seeing her in the conventions and on video tapes. She sent photos, tapes and published material from Japan showing that the English Angora was well presented by her and her friends. She wanted to go to the Indianapolis convention, but unfortunately she was ill. We are very saddened by her passing. She left behind her husband, her rabbits, and many many friends. She owned a pet supplies business, hopefully it will be continued to operate and that the rabbits will be cared for by her friends.